What IS the impending disaster? Obama executive order creates NEW office to fund training for faith-based organizations

This Executive Order Amendment complements the recently introduced H.R. 645 (FEMA camps), creating the NEW Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to provide federal funding and training to faith-based organizations. 

Was Pat Robertson elected president?

What the hell is going on?  (pun intended)

One of the Obama additions:

(d) to promote effective training for persons providing federally funded social services in faith-based and neighborhood organizations

Exactly WHAT social services are will be provided through these organizations?

I suppose they already know how to make soup and hand it out to homeless people. 

About 25 years ago, I got some free food (cheese, butter, canned food, etc.)  a few times in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

I didn't have to pray or do a song and dance, it was for all low income people and they (I have NO idea what organization it was) were quite good at distributing the food.

  • Will they have to provide so much more food to people they need a special White House Office, funding and training?

  • Is this about collecting guns and convincing people NOT to riot and to march into FEMA camps?

There's no bill, no debate, no vote! 

Obama for some reasons thinks this is so incredibly important that this needs to be accomplished RIGHT NOW and he can't risk having to answer ANY questions or have any delay.

What the hell is going on?

The White House press release:

Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 5:30 pm

After the breakfast he announced an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and talked about the role faith-based and secular community organizations will play in our economic recovery.

"People trust them. Communities rely on them. And we will help them," he said.

WHY is this so important?


Especially not some faith-based or neighborhood organization paid by the government. Take their money, take their food, but trust NOBODY.

There's a video and a listing of organizations that apparently will benefit from this order and agree to advance the administration agenda.

For reference, here is the INTIAL Bush 2001 Order, Section 1:

Executive Order 13199 - Establishment of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
January 29, 2001

Section 1. Policy. Faith-based and other community organizations are indispensable in meeting the needs of poor Americans and distressed neighborhoods. Government cannot be replaced by such organizations, but it can and should welcome them as partners. The paramount goal is compassionate results, and private and charitable community groups, including religious ones, should have the fullest opportunity permitted by law to compete on a level playing field, so long as they achieve valid public purposes, such as curbing crime, conquering addiction, strengthening families and neighborhoods, and overcoming poverty. This delivery of social services must be results oriented and should value the bedrock principles


The almost entirely NEW Section 1 in the Obama Amended Order:

Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Amendments to Executive Order 13199 and Establishment of the President's Advisory Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Section 1. Policy. Faith-based and other neighborhood organizations are vital to our Nation's ability to address the needs of low-income and other underserved persons and communities. The American people are key drivers of fundamental change in our country, and few institutions are closer to the people than our faith-based and other neighborhood organizations. It is critical that the Federal Government strengthen the ability of such organizations and other nonprofit providers in our neighborhoods to deliver services effectively in partnership with Federal, State, and local governments and with other private organizations, while preserving our fundamental constitutional commitments guaranteeing the equal protection of the laws and the free exercise of religion and forbidding the establishment of religion. The Federal Government can preserve these fundamental commitments while empowering faith-based and neighborhood organizations to deliver vital services in our communities, from providing mentors and tutors to school children to giving ex-offenders a second chance at work and a responsible life to ensuring that families are fed. The Federal Government must also ensure that any organization receiving taxpayers' dollars must be held accountable for its performance. Through rigorous evaluation, and by offering technical assistance, the Federal Government must ensure that organizations receiving Federal funds achieve measurable results in furtherance of valid public purposes. [emphasis added]

It is PATHETIC to throw in the mentoring of kids and employment of ex-offenders.   It looks to me like a joint venture between the military, Wackenhut, Blackwater and the participating faith-based and neighborhood organizations. 

I've heard the news clips about the many thousands of clergy working undercover for the government many times.  Trained to keep people from rioting, to get them to turn in their guns and encourage them to march to the FEMA camps?

Apparently that's not enough to deal with what they're expecting.

Something's up.  

WHAT is it?