Video: Ellen Brown (Web of Debt) solution to California's budget crisis: STATE owned bank

Of course Ellen is right on. I didn't have the slightest clue how money works until I read Web of Debt and watched The Money Masters (free online, 3.5 hour documentary).

I'm afraid that Schwarzenegger is part of the "elite", the people who are looting America.  There is absolutely NO legitimate reason why any state wouldn't have their STATE bank.

Why let the BANKS have billions of dollars in deposits and pay them interest on loans when you CAN just create all the money you need when YOU are the bank?

If North Dakota can do it, why can't ALL states do it?

Ask YOUR governor.

And if you don't like the answer, DO something about it.

Posted with Ellen's video:

Call Arnold Schwarzenegger
(916) 445- 2841
(213) 897- 0322
North Dakota is one of only two states that are currently able to meet their budgets, and it has the lowest rate of unemployment in the country.
The secret of its success is that it is the ONLY STATE THAT OWNS ITS OWN BANK. For 90 years, all the state's revenues have gone into the Bank of North Dakota (BND), which then leverages these deposits into many times that sum in loans, as all banks are legally allowed to do.
The BND is a great model for California and others state, county and city governments to follow in forming their own banks, as the legislation has been well established for many decades.
The BND is not at the mercy of Wall Street but is controlled locally, serving to protect North Dakota from the credit freeze and from the need to sell off its precious resources.

Yup.  It's so simple.