Video: DEFAULT the student loan documentary

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DEFAULT - The Student Loan Documentary from Default on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, this video does NOT provide any solutions.

It ends with "change the system."

I suspect that the film makers supported Obama and fell for him hook, line and sinker.

The video was made three months ago.

Did they finally figure out that they got CONNED?

Nope.  From I ended up at their Facebook page (BARF!!!) and found this:


Bring to the forefront an issue that affects millions of Americans Restore consumer protections for student loans

Provide accurate information regarding student loans

Help future students and their parents make an informed decision

Make higher education accessable to all

This is about as LAME as anything I've ever seen! 

They're the people with the job to PACIFY you.  To make sure you don't actually DO anything.  To make sure you stay in debt and keep on paying the banker.

Truly repulsive.

Unfortunately, it's much harder to default on student loans because you can't discharge them.

The student loan concept is so BRILLIANT because it ensure that MOST educated people HAVE to work and pay -- or lose everything.

But then there is reality.  MANY people really have nothing left to lose.  There are MILLIONS who COULD send Public Letters to THEIR banks and you COULD have a movie encouraging people to take action.

12/07: Open Letter to WaMu: My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

Everybody should understand by now that it is NOT possible to CHANGE the system

Obama is owned by the bankers.  He is totally corrupt.  He will NOT pay your mortgage or your student loan. 

Obama will do whatever it takes to make the BANKERS happy.

The best we can do is to help the system self-destruct, LEAVE the system and CREATE a new system.

I built my house with funds from credit cards and then I told them to take a hike.

MILLIONS could pay off their student loans with credit cards and if necessary, file for bankruptcy.

Do a little planning, move assets to TRUSTED friends/relatives, find out about your STATE laws (garnishment) and consider moving to a state where wages can't be garnished.

Presumably, you got student loans because you have a functioning brain and you are capable of LEARING. 

And it's about time you learn how corrupt your government is and what YOU can do to not only help yourself, but to send a message to our rulers, the bankers.