Time to get XP PRO OEM and to get rid of the proprietary Lenovo crap

Had a HORRIBLE day because the Lenovo T61 doesn't  have a Windows REPAIR option.

I accidentally deleted a system file along with program files accidentally installed in the root dir and windows files can NOT be copied individually.

So the Lenovo wouldn't start up and I finally called tech support and I told them that I probably deleted a system file.  They offer absolutely NO support for Windows and Windows has NO support for the Lenovo crap.   I paid for an XP license and that's all I get.  The solution at the MS site was to insert the XP cd and REPAIR.  Lenovo provides no cds and no repair.

Of course I searched the web for the error "NTLDR is missing" on my old Dell and the recommendations were to REPAIR the Windows install.

Lenovo support told me that they don't have a repair option and that I could only restore to factory default or the last backup.

I've never used their backup and didn't have one, I do my own backup.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a backup of the system files because Lenovo created a RRbackup directory that killed my backup of the entire drive.   I had to MANUALLY select the files to back up and only selected my data directories (erroneously thinking Lenovo has the system files).

They had me do all kinds of tests, taking HOURS, requiring numerous calls and long holds and finally they left me with no other option than to restore to factory default and to reinstall all programs. 

As a last ditch effort,  I took out the drive, connected it to the Dell,  copied the NTdetect.com from my Dell (XP HOME) and it worked!  

I couldn't believe it.  Those morons at Lenovo.

So I'm going to buy XP PRO OEM -- no more of this proprietary crap that causes nothing but problems.