The Angel Food Ministries nonprofit officers Wingos' 550% salary increase and GOP campaign contributions

As I've written many times, EVERY non profit organization's financials should be public.

And that's one reason why I've been looking for info on which faith-based and community organizations get $$$ for training and "whatever".  We need a lot more transparency.

Nonprofit put money into GOP

By Joe Johnson  |  |  Story updated at 11:39 pm on 2/16/2009

Officers of a Monroe-based charity that is under investigation by federal authorities donated nearly $50,000 to conservative candidates and causes in recent years, Federal Elections Commission records show.

Angel Food Ministries Inc., a nonprofit that supplies cut-rate groceries to families nationwide, is under scrutiny by the FBI and the IRS.

Agents carried away boxes of documents last Wednesday from the ministry and a related company in Walton County.

Tax returns show the nonprofit's officers saw huge pay raises from 2006 to 2007, and they apparently spread the money around.

They were most generous to the National Republican Congressional Committee, to which Angel Food founder and CEO Joseph Wingo gave $12,500 in 2007.

The year before, Wingo, his wife and two sons reported salary spikes of more than 550 percent, raises that apparently caught the government's attention and may have led the feds to search Angel Food Ministries' offices in Monroe.

FBI and IRS agents also conducted a related search outside of Monroe, at Good Hope Food Co., owned by one of Wingo's sons, Andy.


The 2004 to 2006 Angel Wings tax returns and a discrimination complaint are online at the Athens Banner-Herald. 

The comments are interesting, some people seem to think it's ok that the officers get paid mega salaries and then "spread the wealth" to their political allies.  If I gave to a nonprofit, I would NOT want my donation to be funneled to ANY politician through the officers' salaries.\

After all, I can donate to political campaigns directly.