Integrity Debt Relief Group SCAM / FRAUD

CLUE #1 that they're 200% FRAUD:

I couldn't find ANY information about their location.  Most likely, they just take your money and run.

I just listened to the audio sales pitch at -- it sounds so GOOD!

FDRS (Federal Debt Relief System) scammers whine because I don't approve their comments (ads)

For weeks FDRS has been submitting comments at my sites advertising their scam. I've ignored them until today, when they COMPLAINED about not finding their comments at my sites.

NY Times WaMu article - FAILS to address the role of the regulators, CRAs and FICO scores

An excellent article by the NY Times on the WaMu lending practices.  It does however leave me wondering why the NY Times fails to mention that the California and federal regulators CONSPIRED with banks like WaMu to deliberately create the greatest depression.

CitiFinancial CONTINUES to deceive and defraud

I posted about the CitiFinancial latest scam at

Lying bankers: Citifinancial $5,000 Funding Certificate

Today Michelle posted how her 69 year-old mother is facing foreclosure by Citi.

Credit Score Restore at -- SCAM

I had an infomercial posted at my CreditFactors site today.  That's how these scammers market, posting at credit sites with the links to their sites.

SCAM: FDRS - Federal Debt Relief System -- the California AG is investigating

I PERSONALLY researched FDRS.   I emailed FDRS and I spoke with Dan Lyle to confirm that it is a total FRAUD.

Owner Mark Cella, Dan Lyle and Veronica (top sales person) ought to serve a few years in prison.

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