Remote viewer Ed Dames and his "free" DVD scam - it's really $7 and he SPAMS you!

Major Ed Dames is on Coast tonight.   I've heard him many times over the years.  I'm still waiting for the kill shot and most of his predictions to come true.

Of course times are tough and are likely to get worse, but you don't need to be a remote viewer to figure that out.

Ed Dames sounded more insincere than ever tonight. 

Dimwitted Alex Jones fans special: it's NOT a detention camp in the desert

Last night I checked to see if there was an update on the alleged "detention camp" pictures in the Southern Arizona desert that had originally been posted on 2/23/09 as READER SUBMISSION on the Cost to Coast site:

Chinese fake gold and silver coins -- more Ebay fraud


1899 Morgan Dollar Obverse

In memory of Wayne Strang

I found out through a list message this evening that Wayne Strang passed away today. 

Zeitgeist and Venus Project exposed - elitists rule, no democracy, worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

I somehow got back to looking at the Zeitgeist Movement forum and was shocked to see so many incredibly desperate followers willing to give up ALL rights to be ruled by "computers" making decisions based on the "carrying capacity of the earth."

Summary of the FDRS, Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (Igor Mikhalev) and John Gliha SCAM

Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (owner Igor Mikhalev) replaced the FDRS (Federal Debt Relief System) advertising on the GCN Network (Ted Anderson, Alex Jones).

The BRAIN behind this scam: John Gliha.

They already threatened with a defamation lawsuit.

Randy Pratt in jail for FNB Bank's ERROR

I have not yet verified the information in the article, but if it's true that Randy Pratt is in jail and charged with felony theft and conspiracy charges because his BANK made an ERROR, I'll definitely contact the prosecutor and I'll try to clue him in on banking practices.

Mortgage Victims Assistance: "Serious about cashing in on the Mortgage Modification Market?"

Lately I've seen many articles about mortgage modification scams.   Since my spam is filtered before I ever get to see it, I thought the mail below was "real", especially since it looks like a response to an email. 

To my surprise, it encourages me to CASH IN on the mortgage modification market:

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