3 more banks closed Friday -- financial crisis deepens

They're pumping OUR money into the banks "too big to fail" and the smaller banks are given to the larger banks. 

I haven't bothered to post the daily bad news about unemployement, stocks and economic data, it's rather pointless.  I'm making bio char today and planting some seeds.

Randy Pratt in jail for FNB Bank's ERROR

I have not yet verified the information in the article, but if it's true that Randy Pratt is in jail and charged with felony theft and conspiracy charges because his BANK made an ERROR, I'll definitely contact the prosecutor and I'll try to clue him in on banking practices.

CitiFinancial CONTINUES to deceive and defraud

I posted about the CitiFinancial latest scam at

Lying bankers: Citifinancial $5,000 Funding Certificate

Today Michelle posted how her 69 year-old mother is facing foreclosure by Citi.

A new theme and banking update

I switched to the new Acquia Marina theme tonight and really like it.  But, as always, there are a few bugs to fix, such as the forums displaying below the sidebars.  I hope there's an easy fix and if so, I'll change the colors.

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