How do I get more Trados than the 210 Trados I receive as verified member? [updated 1/30/09]

1) Verified members get a T500 credit line and unverified members get a T200 credit line.

This Trado credit line requires NO payments, there is NO interest and you just have less credit available as you use your credit line.

2) Verified members also receive periodic credits.

How to become a VERIFIED Trado member and receive the T200 Bonus

How to become a VERIFIED member

You have several options to verify your identity:

  • Send a dollar from your verified PayPal account (will be refunded)


  • email or fax your picture ID to 571-222-1000


Are there any fees for Trado accounts?

Absolutely NO fees for Trado transactions.

It makes no sense to charge fees as Trado CREATES the Trados just like the banks CREATE the Dollars.

We're in a huge mess because the banks CREATE the money and then often charge over 20% interest and gazillions in garbage fees.

How to open a Trado Merchant account?

Please SIGN UP for a PERSONAL Trado account first.

At the forum is detailed information about Merchant account BENEFITS.

How to become a Trado Member?

Please sign up at

The banking software is a completely separate and SECURE system.

Required information for an UNVERIFIED account:

Valid email address, name and country.

Get verified by 12/31/08 and receive a 200 Trado BONUS!

Since everything looked good after testing the Trado banking site at, I set up accounts today and I screwed up.

Filed the Trado trademark - YES, it's legal to create a new currency

It was very funny.  The lady at the county recorder's office asked what kind of business Trado is.  I told her it was a new currency.  She thought it was a currency exchange.  So I explained, no, it's a new currency called Trado.

"That's illegal!" 

She really thought dollars are the ONLY legal currency in the US.

The Trado TEMPORARY logo: 1988 Bicentenary "Polymer" commemorative Ten Dollar banknote

I searched the web today for "money pics" and l looked through about 30 pages with links to pages with pictures -- I've seen enough money for one day!

A new theme and banking update

I switched to the new Acquia Marina theme tonight and really like it.  But, as always, there are a few bugs to fix, such as the forums displaying below the sidebars.  I hope there's an easy fix and if so, I'll change the colors.

What are the Trado objectives?

It's NOT just about MONEY and BUSINESS.

We'll be posting more details, but for now, please have a look at Objectives.

Yes, Trado is about creating jobs and opportunities, but it's also about staying alive.

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