Money is just an accounting system and the Dollar is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever

By now just about everybody realized that Obama's "change" meant that the people get LESS and the bankers get MORE.

Obama would rather kill every working person on the planet than stop protecting his BUDDIES, the bankers.  I never thought ANYBODY could be so cold and ruthless.

From the Common Good Bank blog:

Crom currency - Croatians with a clue

I'll be reading up on the Crom Time Bank as soon as I have more time.  Mostly English pages so far and when you see the link to The Money Masters, you know they're on the right track.

I found Aljosa Duric's posts at the Cyclos forum and I'm glad I looked up his website.

Filed the Trado trademark - YES, it's legal to create a new currency

It was very funny.  The lady at the county recorder's office asked what kind of business Trado is.  I told her it was a new currency.  She thought it was a currency exchange.  So I explained, no, it's a new currency called Trado.

"That's illegal!" 

She really thought dollars are the ONLY legal currency in the US.

Community Exchange System

This is an ONLINE system based in South Africa that other trading groups can join.  Unfortunately, you have to limit yourself to LOCAL and you cannot globally unite to provide a viable alternative to the banking system -- you can't compete with the bankers.

Times: Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity

A 3-page article on alternative currencies wordwide.  I hadn't heard of the Community Exchange System (CES).

Thomas H. Greco: Toward a New Economic Order

An interesting article on the economy, the CFR, global currencies, LETS systems and proposed solutions.

I just wish more people would DO instead of WRITE.  Why don't people DO what they write about?

Toward a New Economic Order

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