Terror ALERT 7/27 to 7/31 in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas

You might recall that the 9/11 and 7/7 "terrorist attacks" happened during exercises such as  this FEMA drill.

Even if this exercise remains just an exercise, I expect the PEOPLE to be TERRORIZED.  As a nice side benefit, the population becomes used to the military including troops from OTHER countries in AMERICA.  I'm sure glad I live in Arizona.

2004 Research: FEMA camp locations, executive orders and map

Mindfully.org put together a listing of executive orders and possible FEMA camp location and somebody even created a Google map.

Of course I looked up the AZ locations and from my recent research (search for "Wackenhut") there's definitely a lot going on with Wackenhut and the Florence prisons.   I think there are two.

FEMA no-show in Kentucky after ice storm

As always,  FEMA (Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency) failed to assist. 

The national guard has no chain saws to clear roads (why can't they get saws at the local Walmart or Home Depot?), FEMA does nothing but ship a few generators to hospitals ...  I suppose they're busy building camps.

Ellen Brown: Mysterious Prison Buses in the Desert

Nothing's more scary than knowing that Wackenhut and Blackwater are ready to "help" us.

Ellen Brown asks some excellent questions after a recent visit to Tucson.  I just searched the web and found a few not exactly flattering articles about the Arizona Wackenhut operations.

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