Dimwitted Alex Jones fans special: it's NOT a detention camp in the desert

Last night I checked to see if there was an update on the alleged "detention camp" pictures in the Southern Arizona desert that had originally been posted on 2/23/09 as READER SUBMISSION on the Cost to Coast site:

Ebay cancelled my listings because I linked to Frontier (wholesaler) and Trado

I very carefully studied the Ebay guidelines and I THOUGHT that you were not supposed to link to your products at your own store.

So, I didn't.

I linked to Frontier and included the Trado links so that people can GET Trados.

Note that I did NOT link to the store!

I just got these two emails from Ebay:

My email to the moronic attorneys for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union and NCO

Last week Cara Hergenroether, attorney for Equifax, started to schedule a conference call to schedule a call regarding the Equifax deposition I didn't attend as I notified her that I would not drive 250 miles to Phoenix and she needed to schedule the deposition in Kingman.

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