Toxic canned food: Bisphenol A

I just found out that in addition to MOST of the canned food containing GM corn syrup, there's the Bisphenol A:

Just as I'm getting ready to build my revolving can storage:

A very inspiring greenhouse slide show

It just makes me want to go outside and PLANT. 

I'll have to post a pic of my little addition with my little tomato seedlings and some greens AFTER I cleaned up outside.

Catholics are expanding and which faith-based and community organizations get funding?

I didn't find anything new about Executive Order 13199 (government funding and training) in a web search.  

The other day at the local store I learned that the Catholics have funds to expand and someone was trying to find out how many locals are Catholics.  That reminded me of Executive Order 13199 and that I've been meaning to ask about any related local activity.

Care rejected $45 million in US government aid for food in 2007 -- one organization with guts and integrity

I found Project Censored today and its top 25 censored stories for 2009.  Threre's a lot of interesting stuff, but this story about CARE rejecting $45 million a year in US government food aid is impressive. 

Most non profits are so corrupt, they'd NEVER say no to any government money.

It's nice to see one organization that's NOT corrupt.

Getting rid of bugs and weevils with bay leaves and matches

As I was looking for deals on flour, I ran across this page on weevils and how to get rid of them:

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