Playing linked mp3 files?

I've noticed that I have to tell readers to DOWNLOAD linked audio files at http://trado.info/forums/credit-collections/collectors-identified-and-recorded-collection-calls

I sure can't get them to play.

Was searching the Drupal forum and found

Where to find Author_pane - required for advanced forum

I'll be bald any day now if I have to continually upgrade.

Advanced forum now requires Author_pane

Why can't I find it at drupal.org?

It took me about 15 minutes to find advanced forum (finally through a link from the drupal forum), but there's no listing of required modules.

I searched Drupal, google, where else SHOULD I be searching?

Upgrading Drupal

ANOTHER security update, this sure is annoying.  You get no new functionality, NOTHING useful, just fixes.

And an hour later, I have yet to find any instructions for upgrading Drupal anywhere.

Drupal - Magento - phpBB - WordPress and other forum / blog / CMS software support

Reference: JOB154
Location: Internet, any
Employer: Trado

The Drupal Acquia Marina theme and issues

I really liked the Acquia Marina theme, but had to switch back to Garland because it simply isn't usable until I or they fixed the display and functionality issues with the forum and blog.

Here's my post at the Acquia forum:




Taxonomy -- I'm confused [tags work great with help of vid]

I'm familiar with categories and tags, but this is just leaving me confused. I think I made enabled some more modules and now have this MENU setting in my job listings. That's PROBABLY related to taxonomy, but I really don't understand why you would put a new job listing in ANY menu. Menu settings Menu link title: The link text corresponding to this item that should appear in the menu.

Trado grants for Michelle (Advanced Forum)

Michelle develops Advanced Forum, one of the Drupal modules Trado uses. Here is her demo forum: http://socnet.shellmultimedia.com/forum The Drupal module: http://drupal.org/project/advanced_forum

Her professional site: http://shellmultimedia.com/blog

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