MUST READ: GM workers lose their benefits but Citi and Chase get paid in full?

I thought I wasn't seeing right as I just read Greg Palast's article on the GM bankruptcy and how they're trying to funnel the money from the workers to Citi and Chase.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all!

Audio: Jason Bermas interview of Peter Dale Scott on the bailout, the Obama administration and much more

Born in 1929, Peter Dale Scott is an accomplished diplomat, poet, writer, professor, researcher and activist since the 60s. 

Scott discusses the preparation for martial law under Reagan and Clinton, the bailout, the economy, the wars, his assessment of the Obama administration and much more.  You'd never guess his age listening to this interview.

British credit card interest rates approach 50%

A few years ago I posted about British ADVERTISED credit card rates over 20% and I thought that was ridiculous. Apparently the Brits are even dumber than the Americans. 

However, I just read about British bankruptcy filings and the article claimed that many thousands are forced into bankruptcy and have to SELL their homes because they can't pay taxes. 

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