Playing linked mp3 files?

I've noticed that I have to tell readers to DOWNLOAD linked audio files at

I sure can't get them to play.

Was searching the Drupal forum and found

AUDIO: Richard C. Cook on the Cindy Sheehan show: forgive debt and give everybody their "dividend"

I'm a week behind, this is the 1/4/09 FIRST Cindy Sheehan "soapbox" radio show with Richard C. Cook explaining the Cook Plan and the bailout for the PEOPLE.  Since I've previously posted about it, I won't repeat myself and Richard explains it VERY well in the interview:

Audio: Grow food without fertilizers in Terra Preta soil

The incredible properties of Terra Preta have been known for a long time -- the soil remains fertile year after year.   Yesterday I first heard about it in the Coast Ian Punnet interview with Joel Barker.  

The FERTILIZER companies (like Chevron) would suffer tremendously if nobody bought their chemicals anymore.  That's probably why this MIRACLE soil is NOT marketed.

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