Pastor Lindsey Williams Details "Economic Calamity" Ahead -- was right about oil dropping to below $50 when it was $145

Just because Williams was right about the oil prices dropping doesn't mean that he'll ALWAYS be right.  After all, he doesn't claim to be psychic or that God talks to him, he only tells what his sources tell him.  THEY could be wrong or deliberately feed him false forecasts.

Tested lavender oil and flowers - lavandin - my lavender plant

I was just looking through the Frontier resource page and found this QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICAL BULLETIN:

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL PURITY -- 11/15/04 -- An interesting article on testing and the difference between Lavender and Lavandin.

Audio: Jason Bermas interview of Peter Dale Scott on the bailout, the Obama administration and much more

Born in 1929, Peter Dale Scott is an accomplished diplomat, poet, writer, professor, researcher and activist since the 60s. 

Scott discusses the preparation for martial law under Reagan and Clinton, the bailout, the economy, the wars, his assessment of the Obama administration and much more.  You'd never guess his age listening to this interview.

Alge Vertigro

I heard about fuel from alge before, but not this specific alge growing technique:

I heard about fuel from alge before, but not this specific alge growing technique:

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