Toxic canned food: Bisphenol A

I just found out that in addition to MOST of the canned food containing GM corn syrup, there's the Bisphenol A:

Just as I'm getting ready to build my revolving can storage:

GM potatoes damaged rats and most rat offspring died after fed Roundup Ready Soy

Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette is on Coast tonight and it just goes to show how corrupt the American government is, allowing the GM scum in our food without ANY notification whatsoever -- completely disregarding how many people get sick and die.

At Jeffrey Smith's website is some great info:

Why do organic onions spoil so quickly? Preservatives in fertilizer?

I've been buying bags with 3 lbs of organic onions at Safeway for about $1.80.

A good price!

But REGULARLY I found that they started to rot by the time I got home.   So I finally asked one of the produce guys what's up with those onions and whether there was a date anywhere on the label.  (Safeway packaged)  There's no date.

Frontier FAQ: wholesale catalogs - sales

I'm making progress with the new TradoStore, but I'm still a few days from the grand opening.

I already received my first Frontier shipment on Friday, spices and teas for personal use in bulk and a variety of containers.  Tonight I tried the hibiscus tea -- I haven't had hibiscus tea in over 30 years and it's just as good as I remembered. 

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