No relief - Indian farmers continue to commit suicide due to drought and they can't pay their debts

This is not a new problem and last year the Indian government was supposed to provide assistance after over 130,000 farmers had committed suicide. 

GM seeds NOT performing as promised, poor harvests, droughts, deforestation and dams are creating serious problems.  Add to that the bankers demanding the repayment of loans, I can see why so many farmers have no hope. 

STUPIDITY: Jackie Freeman calls for credit card "payment strike" in April 2009

Jackie Freeman

It is EXTREMELY frustrating to see that apparently ALL credit activists AND aspiring politicians are totally corrupt and/or STUPID. 

Jackie Freeman seems to think that BAD publicity is better than NO publicity.

AUDIO: Richard C. Cook on the Cindy Sheehan show: forgive debt and give everybody their "dividend"

I'm a week behind, this is the 1/4/09 FIRST Cindy Sheehan "soapbox" radio show with Richard C. Cook explaining the Cook Plan and the bailout for the PEOPLE.  Since I've previously posted about it, I won't repeat myself and Richard explains it VERY well in the interview:

It might be better to wait if you could file for bankruptcy or creditors could get judgments against you

If you're defaulting on your unsecured debts and there is a chance that you might be forced into a Ch. 13 repayment plan because your income is too high, you obviously do NOT want to consolidate until AFTER you discharged your debts.

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