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Contra Costa County to stop prosecuting assaults, thefts and burglaries due to budget cuts - militia to patrol Stockton?

When I first saw the headline I thought it was about "Costa Rica".  I suppose my brain could not conceive that a CALIFORNIA wealthy county like Contra Costa would no longer prosecute criminals.  

The deputies in my county have never done more than take reports or write tickets, but I'm in Arizona.

In memory of Wayne Strang

I found out through a list message this evening that Wayne Strang passed away today. 

NY Times WaMu article - FAILS to address the role of the regulators, CRAs and FICO scores

An excellent article by the NY Times on the WaMu lending practices.  It does however leave me wondering why the NY Times fails to mention that the California and federal regulators CONSPIRED with banks like WaMu to deliberately create the greatest depression.

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