The California homeless camps and camping in the desert

I've been meaning to research and write about the California homeless camps.  It's upsetting to hear about people losing their children, pets and vehicles.  Hard to believe.

I would MUCH rather stay on public land in the desert and do my own thing than live in a government camp/jail.

BLM camping is free for 14 days and they have some special long term camping permits.

12/2008: Snow in the desert

12/2008: Snow in the desert

I've never seen that much snow here and usually it melts within hours. I took the picture yesterday and now we're on day TWO after a snowstorm with still about 5 inches of snow on the ground. The solar panels were all clear this afternoon, don't like running the generator.

We had over a foot of snow yesterday morning, but since it was a warm sunny day, the snow melts pretty fast.

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