Chinese fake gold and silver coins -- more Ebay fraud


1899 Morgan Dollar Obverse

Ebay cancelled my listings because I linked to Frontier (wholesaler) and Trado

I very carefully studied the Ebay guidelines and I THOUGHT that you were not supposed to link to your products at your own store.

So, I didn't.

I linked to Frontier and included the Trado links so that people can GET Trados.

Note that I did NOT link to the store!

I just got these two emails from Ebay:

Ebay frustration: claims I'm using wrong zip code and won't let me log in my biz account

Since I just bought a coffee maker on Ebay and will be offering organic coffee, tea and spices for sale, I decided to list a few items on Ebay to advertise Trado.   I have to research the fees and services anyway.

I was hoping that it would be a lot less work to set up selling on Ebay than to set up your own shopping cart and Trado Members might want to get started on Ebay.

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