2/19/09: All verified members get a T200 verification bonus

Once again verified members received a T200 verification bonus instead of T100.

Apparently that's what it's meant to be and all verified member will get the T200 bonus. 

If anyone who got a T100 verification bonus didn't get an additional T100 credit, please email.

How to become a VERIFIED Trado member and receive the T200 Bonus

How to become a VERIFIED member

You have several options to verify your identity:

  • Send a dollar from your verified PayPal account (will be refunded)


  • email or fax your picture ID to 571-222-1000


How to become a Trado Member?

Please sign up at

The banking software is a completely separate and SECURE system.

Required information for an UNVERIFIED account:

Valid email address, name and country.

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