FAQ - dealing with collectors

I decided to post the phone numbers, contact info and some recorded collection calls in this new forum.  It's annoying to have to try to figure out who's calling and I'll identify some common debt collection violations.

I am NOT an attorney and NOTHING at Trado is LEGAL advice.

What are the Trado objectives?

It's NOT just about MONEY and BUSINESS.

We'll be posting more details, but for now, please have a look at Objectives.

Yes, Trado is about creating jobs and opportunities, but it's also about staying alive.

Why start Trado instead of supporting another local currency?

As I've been posting at various forums and sites about complementary currencies, I'm frequently explaining why I decided to start Trado.

In 2008, I spent at least 100 hours searching the web for complementary currencies.

NONE of these other currencies invited me to join!

They treated me like a leper because I don't live in their elitist community.

What is Trado?

TRADO will be a democratic non profit organization, established to help people survive during tough economic times by creating jobs, money and trade.

Trado issues the new Trado currency and it provides a platform for consumers, merchants and professionals to conduct business.

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