STUPIDITY: Jackie Freeman calls for credit card "payment strike" in April 2009

Jackie Freeman

It is EXTREMELY frustrating to see that apparently ALL credit activists AND aspiring politicians are totally corrupt and/or STUPID. 

Jackie Freeman seems to think that BAD publicity is better than NO publicity.

Warren Raftshol posted at my "Resistance" site (online documentaries, court filings, etc.):

... My friend Jackie is organizing a nationwide (worldwide?) credit card rebellion in April.

Please help her website go viral: ...

On 2/4/09, I explained to him in great detail why this is an IDIOTIC idea:


And if you really are Jackie Freeman's friend, have her pull this site NOW. She might literally get people KILLED.

She looks like Palin and has her brains.

Not only will she destroy lives when the fools who follow her advice have their credit destroyed if they become over 30 days late, but the entire concept is as idiotic as the emails calling to not buy gasoline on a certain day. Like the oil companies give a damn whether you buy your gasoline on Wednesday or on Thursday ...

BUT, there's more.

This woman is so incredibly stupid, she doesn't know that banks make MOST of their profits on FEES?

*** LATE fees and OVER LIMIT fees are usually between $30 and $50!

*** AND, people who would pay no interest at all because they would pay off their balance in full will of course incur interest.

*** AND, the interest rate can be the DEFAULT rate (because the account is in default when you don't pay on time) and the DEFAULT rates are often OVER 30%.

So instead of hurting the banks, she is creating massive windfall profits for the banks!

Truly Palinesqe!

Ok, by now I'm thinking that this has to be a joke. I hope the joke's on me.

As my long time readers know, I've been calling for (near) JUDGMENT-PROOF people to stop paying their unsecured debts for over a year.

My open letter to WaMu:

Open Letter to WaMu: My refusal to pay my $8,000 WaMu (Providian) VISA card due to the 26% interest rate

I probably inspired thousands to stop paying their unsecured debts and I wish that every one of the MILLIONS of (near) judgment-proof (or very gutsy) Americans stopped paying their credit card and other UNSECURED bank debt.

Obviously people should determine whether they ARE judgment-proof, whether their wages can be garnished (STATE law), etc.

If the site is still active tomorrow, I'll post about it at Trado and put out a warning.

3 days later, the site has CHANGED, but it is still active. 

The Palin picture has been removed (I saved it on the drive of the computer that just died) along with Ms. Freeman's name and debt negotiation experience, but it still calls for this SAME IDIOTIC "payment strike:" 

We debtors must become militant and aggressive. We can empower ourselves by not cooperating with their demands we pay up to 32%.
Please join us April 2009 for a "payment" strike against the credit card companies to force much-needed, overdue reforms. 
It's easy:  just don't send them your payment....
Your creditors will want you to feel guilt-laden. 
Don't.  Refuse to be intimidated. 
They are arrogant and need to be reined in.
They will want you to feel deeply embarrassed about owing them.  Don't.
They should be embarrassed for their trickery.
They want to disable you with insecurity and guilt so they can continue to exploit you.  Don't let them. They are playing evil games.
They want you to continue to pay them the rest of your life, even if you are losing your home due to their banking sub-prime antics.
Get your priorities straight - they are the unsecured creditors.
Pay your mortgage first and them last - if at all.  Their behaviors are outrageous and they deserve to go down.  Please participate.

Clearly, Ms. Freeman is dumber than dumb and she has no conscience. 

My apologies to Palin.   Palin might have stupid ideas, but I think that if the stupidity is explained to Palin, she wouldn't continue to advocate stupid ideas.  No such luck with Ms. Freeman.

Warran Raftshol announced his run for Michigan governor in 2010:  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raftshol for Governor 2010

Today, on my 59th birthday, I announce my plan to run for office of Governor of Michigan in 2010. I have already sent out the following email to early supporters:

I've decided to run for governor on the Greenback Labor Party in 2010. My one and only plank will be the creation and circulation of Michigan currency to combat the 9% (at least) unemployment in our unhappy state. I'm trying to decide whether the new money should be called 'Sparties' or 'Wolverines', or something else. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Warren Raftshol


Ack!   So, this isn't just about stupid people trying to get rich with stupid ideas, but POLITICS.

Raftshol supports Freeman's idiotic credit card payment rebellion, Freeman supports Raftshol's run for governor.

How to get elected 101: 

Be corrupt or be stupid. Don't care about human beings. Do whatever it takes to get votes.  And of course you KNOW this is true because that's exactly how our government works.

Warren ADVERTISED Freeman's call for "rebellion" all over the web.  

Clearly, he's not very smart himself.  And AFTER I explained to him in great detail WHY Ms. Freeman's idea is so stupid, he posted at MY site:

My friend Jackie has been doing debt settlement with a bankruptcy attorney
locally. She has settled many, many credit card debts for as little as 20%. She charges a flat fee of $450, payable after settlement. She has been doing this for about 3 years now.

That Warren would ADVERTISE her debt settlement services at MY site is really bold.

I don't advertise my services at other sites.  IF I use a signature, it's NOT to CreditFactors, my business site, but to Trado or to specific posts. 

I ignored his Freeman advertisement when I responded to him, it is just so crude. 

But now that I read this post again, I'm wondering, what do you say to that?

Should I have replied that I offer debt settment services for $300 for Credit Activists and that I accept 50% Trados? 

Should I have pointed out that MOST of my clients do NOT settle at all after I analyzed their credit and situation? 

The fact that Ms. Freeman gets ONLY paid when debtors pay banks or collectors says it all.  She will NOT recommend to NOT settle when you're only wasting your money because she ONLY gets paid when you pay the bank/collector.  Talk about a conflict of interest.

Should I have pointed out that OBVIOUSLY Ms. Freeman is mentally challenged and could not possibly be qualified to settle debts? 

Ms. Freeman has no credentials whatsoever.  

I did a little research on the web and found little.

From the 1/9/09 article Programs put your finances in order

... Credit counselor Jackie Freeman, of Michigan Debt Settlement of Traverse City and Suttons Bay about her debt settlement services ...

Credit counselors are pure SCUM, working for the banks and collectors, working to move every  possible penny from debtors to banks and collectors.

Credit counselors destroy lives with impunity, protected by the powerful bankers. 

So this all makes sense.

Freeman advocates the credit card payment strike so that the bankers reap HUGE windfall profits and SHE gets to charge $450 to settle the subsequently defaulting debts. 

At least some of the suckers who ruin their credit and have interest rates escalate from 10% to 30% and then are forced into default will hire Freeman to settle the debts.

I expect Ms. Freeman to start a new website, promoting her debt settlement services.

Raftshol supports Freeman's "strike" and Freeman supports Raftshol's governor campaign

One hand washes the other.

That's what friends are for.

Corruption on EVERY level.

The  domain registration:

jackie freeman
8064 Shady Lane
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 20-Jan-09
Expires on: 21-Jan-10
Last Updated on: 20-Jan-09

Administrative Contact:
freeman, jackie
8064 Shady Lane
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
United States
(231) 342-8792

Technical Contact:
freeman, jackie
8064 Shady Lane
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
United States
(231) 342-8792

I couldn't find anything for the 1010 S. Garfield Avenue, Suite 204, Traverse City, MI 49686 listed on the contact page.

I was REALLY hoping that Ms. Freeman would have enough sense to quit her idiotic "strike", she had 3 days and chose to continue this farce.

Ms. Freeman now has until I'm done with the doctor [CENSORED] filings to take the site down. 

If Ms. Freeman CONTINUES to promote her dimwitted idiotic ideas, she'll get a site like

While Ms. Freeman has 1st Amendment rights and I doubt that I could get any AG to investigate her, I'll do my part to make sure that anyone doing their research on this "payment strike" has the opportunity to find out why NOT to do this.

I tried to submit this URL at and got this error:

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So I emailed the notice of publication to