Playing linked mp3 files?

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I've noticed that I have to tell readers to DOWNLOAD linked audio files at

I sure can't get them to play.

Was searching the Drupal forum and found

But, it's $39 for a license and does WAY more than I need.  I just want readers to be able to click on a linked mp3 and have it PLAY.

Having posted collection calls and all kinds of recordings for many years at my other forums, I never had to buy and install a "player".  

I thought that maybe the browsers play them automatically or that the computer sees the audio file and automatically launches whatever program you have as default, winamp, itunes, whatever.  

It's incredible to me that it's 2009 and I waste my day on something so basic.

The NOT helpful response at the Drupal forum

VeryMisunderstood - February 25, 2009 - 14:51

in the 21st century that would require you to find one that isn't full featured and doesn't require a license. It has nothing to do with Drupal but the writing of the players themselves.

There are players that allow you to play a single file in a single player, ie: no playlists around. GIYF in this case.

I'm still awaiting an explantion of what "GIYF" means.

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"GIYF" means "Google is your

"GIYF" means "Google is your friend."

I don't think so.  Google is worse than Microsoft ever was and about as dangerous as it gets.

But, I know what they mean.  Search the web until you find some kind soul that took the time to explain how to make something work in Drupal.

Somebody posted about the free MP 3 Player and it looked idiot-proof.

I was convinced that even I could manage to paste the URL of the mp3 in the generator and get it to work.

Fat chance.

Strangely, at first it kindof worked.  I got the most basic player.

Then I made the mistake of editing my posting and it disappeared.


In fact, it doesn't matter how many times I paste the full code, Drupal always strips out half of it.   In a NEW forum post I can set the html to full and it still doesn't work.  I don't know where to change these options in a comment.

Sometimes I see the player, but it doesn't play. 

It may show up in preview, but disappear after I save.

I almost paid for the JW Player

Good thing I didn't because I can't get it to work at all.

I search and read and upload files and whatever ...  The trouble is that instructions are for "normal" websites and Drupal is just so special. 

I don't even know how to paste something in the "header" of a forum post.  Where is the header?

Some of the posts at seem to indicate that I need to install another module. 

I need another module like a hole in the head.   And judging by the comments on various audio or video modules, there are so many problems ...