Peaceful Valley - lousy customer service, slow shipping, website NOT up to date

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This is as AGGRAVATING as dealing with credit bureaus!

Peaceful Valley managers are former Chase and Citi employees?

There's NOTHING peaceful trying to order online at   I spent AT LEAST 6 hours at their website.

My order was finally over $120.  But then the shipping was about $25.  AND some items were on backorder.  So I decided to go for the $5 PRIORITY MAIL shipping for 20 packs of medicinal seeds and I planned on a separate order once the other items became available again.

First of all, I got NO order confirmation until the next day. 

That's also a problem at Henry Fields.  I kept checking my email, waiting for the order so I could enter everything in my banking and file it, but got nothing until a day later.

The next day they told me that "SOME" items are on back order and when I bitched, they offered to split the order for an extra $2.

They can stick their seeds where the sun don't shine, it's bad enough that the banks are exploiting everybody, I'm certainly not going to support those kinds of business practices with MY dollars.

I looked up Horizon Seeds directly and I'll order there whenever I have nothing else to do.  Right now I'm BUSY planting and I'll buy locally what I need.  I'm tired of this online BS.

Last week I was at Walmart and they even have organic seeds.  Of course I didn't buy any, anticipating my online order at Peaceful Valley.  DUH!

So, if you know of a place where they still respect their customers, advise of delays BEFORE the order, are capable of maintaining an up to date website and PAY for THEIR mistakes, please let me know.

I understand that people make mistakes, but I really don't understand why *** I *** am supposed to PAY for THEIR mistakes.

Well, I saved $60.

Here's our email correspondence:

Kim, I saw that option, but NONE of the item I ordered were listed as back ordered on your website.   In fact, I deleted several items BECAUSE they were not available to be shipped immediately

I also received THIS notice:

"*** As of the middle of March 2009, our turn-around time is approximately 5-6 business days. ***

That's really ridiculous.  I spent so many hours at your website and it was a giant waste of time.

No offense, but it's the 21st century and I expect such substantial delays to be DISCLOSED at your site and PRIOR to the order, not AFTER ordering.

I've had other companies apologize for some items being out of stock and make a partial shipment at THEIR cost. 

For you to demand 2 dollars is really something.

And since I'm posting this at my site, I'll appreciate your forwarding this email to your manager.   Gardening is supposed to be fun and relaxing and this is definitely NOT what I was looking for.

Please cancel my order.

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At 03:45 PM 3/16/2009, you wrote:

We do have a ship & backorder option, to where we ship you what we have in stock and ship the rest of your order when it comes in. If you would like me to do that for you, it would be an extra $2 for shipping.
Please let me know, because, of course, we don't want to lose you as a new customer!!!!!

Kim C

On Mar 16, 2009, at 1:46 PM, Christine Baker wrote:

That's NOT what I was expecting.  My first order with you, probably the last.

Christine Baker

At 09:22 AM 3/16/2009, you wrote:

Several of your seed packs are on back order and expected in around 3/23. The complete order will ship shortly after.


Kim Cacioppo
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
(888)784-1722 ext 109


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Horizon Herbs

I forgot to post the link to Horizon:

There's a TON of GREAT info and I just ordered their catalog.

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Kim wrote back on the

Kim wrote back on the 18th:


I'm sorry you are upset. 
If you would like, I will send the order out and then send the back ordered items out once they come in (free of charge). 
If you still would rather I cancel, of course I will do that for you. Please let me know.

Thank you.
I asked her to cancel the order for 2 reasons:
1)  I don't want to have to BITCH and waste literally HOURS to save $2.50.
2)  Kim never bothered to tell me WHICH "items" are back ordered.
Apparently they don't know or don't care that I only have a few weeks to get plants established before we hit 100 degrees. 
Just like dealing with credit bureaus or banks.