Our new permaculture and gardening blog

We've been incredibly busy working in the garden, building beds and fences, planting and transplanting and getting the plants out before it's too hot.

So I finally started the NEW blog about permaculture and growing food at High Desert Permaculture.

I installed WordPress MU as I never got comfortable with Drupal and the constant upgrades and many bugs and compatibility issues. Drupal is for people with lots of time to upgrade and read about bugs and solving problems.

I love WordPress and its simplicity, the EASE of upgrades, the functionality and abundant support.

So I started the new blog about herbs with a page on Sweet Annie (wormwood) and I posted all the TOMATOES we're growing.  It'll take a number of hours to set up all the blogs and pages for the many peppers, squash and many other plants we're growing.

We hope to encourage many others to start growing healthy GMO free heirloom veggies, berries, grains and herbs.