Oregano oil for treatment of swine flu?

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I've heard Oregano oil mentioned quite a bit in recent months and again last night on Coast as "wonder drug".  So I just did a little reading on the web.  I'm finding OBVIOUS SCAMMERS and with the swine flu hysteria it'll get worse.

As I'm getting ready to place another order at Frontier, I looked up Oregano oil:

190124 Oregano, Certified Organic Origanum vulgare - Hungary 0.33 oz $6.75

On the web:


All Of Our Formulas Are 1/2 Oregano, Most Companies Sell 35% Oregano And 65% Olive Oil(Which Does Go Rancid)

And it's $27.50/oz  

They claim that there are no known side effects, but at another site I read that you may end up with an iron deficiency and pregnant women shouldn't take it.

WHO are these people?  From About Us:

Oil of Oregano
Nature's Versatile Healer

Radiant Health For You and Your Family

We were the second company in the world to offer Oil of Oregano.

And after decades of professional experience in the field of holistic
health, we have one all-encompassing goal . . .

To provide you and your family with the finest Oil of Oregano to help
cultivate radiant health and happiness


These "professionals" don't even have a NAME!

Unbelievable.  There's no way that I'd ever order MEDICINE from these scammers.  I wouldn't take it if it was free because only God knows what kind of crap they sell.   Anonymous scammers ...

I'll have to contact Frontier to find out if their Oregano oil is diluted too.

I'm always VERY sceptical when it comes to all these claims about product quality and all the miracles.  But, I definitely experienced that cayenne pepper works as advertised. 

I'm sure I'll hear alternative doctors on the subject very soon and I'll update.  And I wish I had some Oregano oil right now for a test drive.  I've been cleaning up the garage and using up some more insulation and I seem to be allergic to something.  It's annoying. 

And with respect to swine flu, I will NOT be taking any vaccine. 

I've never taken a flu shot.   It gives you Alzheimers and is NOT effective.  Additionally, the pharmaceuticals have infected many millions with all kinds of diseases through vaccines.  Deliberately.

No thanks.

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Frontier states NOT for