Remote viewer Ed Dames and his "free" DVD scam - it's really $7 and he SPAMS you!

Major Ed Dames is on Coast tonight.   I've heard him many times over the years.  I'm still waiting for the kill shot and most of his predictions to come true.

Of course times are tough and are likely to get worse, but you don't need to be a remote viewer to figure that out.

Ed Dames sounded more insincere than ever tonight. 

The people of San Marcos prevail: NO CHIPS!


Council takes chip from ordinance

Associate Editor

Posted on March 4, 2009 at 7:39 pm

The California homeless camps and camping in the desert

I've been meaning to research and write about the California homeless camps.  It's upsetting to hear about people losing their children, pets and vehicles.  Hard to believe.

I would MUCH rather stay on public land in the desert and do my own thing than live in a government camp/jail.

BLM camping is free for 14 days and they have some special long term camping permits.

Wall Street protest featuring CORPORATE US flag - nice touch!


The United Corporations of America

Wall Street Protest

Mellen-Thomas Benedict's fascinating near death experience

I was listening to Coast while working and as so often, really didn't hear anything until I  finished with my client work.  Mellen-Thomas Benedict had some interesting things to say and I checked out his website.

I ended up reading Mellen's story about his near death experience, including an explanation of everything and even the Big Bang.  Very inspiring.

The problem is not bankers, it's society [and lawyers]

A rather incredible British report "will deliver a damning verdict on capitalism and demand a radical shift to a fairer, more sustainable society." They also state that "the pursuit of economic growth, founded on the increasing consumption of material goods, has failed to bring social justice, prosperity or happiness ..."    They got that right. Will anyone care?

Bruce Beach, Ark Two and his thoughts on the world's problems

I saw an interesting post in a newsgroup today and got permission to repost here.  I suppose I should have known that Bruce Beach is the radiological scientific officer, founder and coordinator of Ark Two.  From his bio: 

Money is just an accounting system and the Dollar is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever

By now just about everybody realized that Obama's "change" meant that the people get LESS and the bankers get MORE.

Obama would rather kill every working person on the planet than stop protecting his BUDDIES, the bankers.  I never thought ANYBODY could be so cold and ruthless.

From the Common Good Bank blog:

Terrafugia - the first flight

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