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Blog:  I LOVE the self hosted WordPress.  Functionality, editing, being able to switch from wysiwyg to html, the layout, really good.  The publish date, save, AUTO save, all conveniently right next to my editing window.

Recommended FREE online videos

In order to understand what Trado is really about, you need to watch The Money Masters and Money As Debt. Here are the links: While not free, Ellen Brown's Web of Debt is definitely worth every penny. The Trado currency is MONEY, the Trado web site is INFORMATION.

Grant suggestion guidelines

All members can post suggestions for grants with the link to the site and a brief pitch for the grant. All VERIFIED Trado members will be able to vote on grants. And yes, you can post YOUR project, but please identify your association.

What will the Trado site look like?

Since I'm totally new to Drupal, I don't even know what it CAN look like. But here's a nice example:

STRO - the Dutch organization developing the Cyclos complementary currency software

STRO doesn't just develop the Cyclos software used for the Trado, but it also developed several systems: Controlled Currency System (CCS): targeted on informal businesses at community level to activate existing local (productive) capacity and to create more social cohesion Valuable Local Currency (VLC): targeted on micro-enterprises with as target economic (and social) inclusion of persons that are excluded from formal markets, resulting in better living conditions and higher self-esteem. Part of the VLC is the so called Bonus method .

Trado grants for Michelle (Advanced Forum)

Michelle develops Advanced Forum, one of the Drupal modules Trado uses. Here is her demo forum: The Drupal module:

Her professional site:

Drupal forum and Advanced Forum help needed!

I've spent hours reading up on various modules to use external forums in Drupal. I've been quite happy with phpBB, but of course I don't want members to have to maintain TWO logins and I'd like the integrated look. When I first started looking at Drupal a week ago, I saw Michelle's forum: I really liked the looks of that site and I put a link in my notes. So when I found it today as I was looking at every Drupal forum module, I decided to go with the Drupal forum, Advanced Forum.

Happy Turkey Day!

This wasn't easy. All week I tried to get the Drupal module for complementary currencies to work. Finally I gave up and I ordered hosting for Cyclos software: I'm still setting up the site, but look for lots of great info not only on currencies, but on many DYI projects and tips on saving money, making money and eating well without having to resort to deceptive and fraudulent business practices.

What is Trado?

TRADO will be a democratic non profit organization, established to help people survive during tough economic times by creating jobs, money and trade.

Trado issues the new Trado currency and it provides a platform for consumers, merchants and professionals to conduct business.

Design, graphics, logos

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