People living in the Las Vegas flood tunnels

I've read about people living in the tunnels under Paris, but didn't know that Las Vegas also has an underground population.

You'd think that with the collapse of the Las Vegas housing market people could afford rentals again, but without a job even low rents are not affordable for people who make a living looking for credits on slot machines.

Video: STOP GM food - Europe did it, so can we

I've previously posted about the horrific effects of genetically engineered foods. I doubt many people would eat GM corn if they knew that they could permanently alter their DNA and turn their intestines into a pesticide factory. And I don't know why I can't find organic corn cobs, although Safeway now has organic canned corn.

Truthers: Montreal subway security by Verint -- disabled cameras for the 7/7 London bombing

An EXCELLENT 4-part video on the corruption of the Montreal politicians:



Great deals on solar panels AND great service AND lots of free QUALITY info!

I highly recommend Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Solar Electric Store in Flagstaff, AZ for solar panels, charge controllers, cables, wires and just about anything you could need for your alternative energy system:

New allergies? swollen tongue and lips and then eye infection

Last week I've been really busy with client work and litigation.  I went to bed pretty early on Friday and woke up a few hours later around  2 am.  At first I thought my mouth was just really dry.  Then I realized that my tongue and lips were swollen and I got worried about not being able to breath. 

Ellen Brown: The Bloodless Coup of the Global Financial Stability Board

Ellen Brown is the author of the best book I read in years:  Web of Debt.

I'm glad to see her latest article picked up by the Huffington post and I hope the liberal talking heads will FINALLY get a clue:

Obama is OWNED by the bankers.

2009 Summer Solstice

2009 Summer Solstice

Rep. Michele Bachman rocks: will REFUSE to complete Census form -- GPS?

I recently heard on the radio about the 2010 Census including a GPS reading within 40 ft of your front door.   I won't even let them on my property.

And they're also asking MANY extremely intrusive questions that I have NO intention of answering.


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