Murder by suicide: Kenneth Trentadue "suicide" in Oklahoma prison cell

I just heard an interview with Jesse Trentadue, one of the few attorneys I respect.  He sued the government and WON $1.1 million for emotional distress and after years of appeals, they finally sent the check.  Now Trentadue is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to a murder conviction. 

Doctor amputates with the help of text messaged instructions - and some thoughts on credit and business loans

Medicins Sans Frontieres doctor performs amputation following instructions sent by text

A doctor volunteering in war-torn Congo performed a complex amputation to save a boy’s life by following instructions sent by text message from a colleague in London.

My food related Trado wish list

Items that I've ordered online and would love to see offered by Trado merchants:

  • Seeds (veggies, herbs) that will grow in the desert (hot, dry) and indoors in winter.
  • plants

NO GM seeds or food.


Merchant Account BENEFITS (updated1/29/09)

The # 1 Merchant benefit:

  • Sales! Sales! SALES!

At a time when many small businesses are hurting because people don't have the money to purchase, verified Trado members will get periodic Trado deposits to spend on products they would NOT be able to afford.

Why start Trado instead of supporting another local currency?

As I've been posting at various forums and sites about complementary currencies, I'm frequently explaining why I decided to start Trado.

In 2008, I spent at least 100 hours searching the web for complementary currencies.

NONE of these other currencies invited me to join!

They treated me like a leper because I don't live in their elitist community.

Trado democracy is based on the Common Good Bank model - need voting software

I ran across this Drupal democracy forum module Of course this is Drupal 6 and there are no plans for a Drupal 6 release.  But, fajerstarter gave me the link to -- VERY cool! A couple pages are available in English. 

MUST watch: Zeitgeist: Addendum

Not only another fantastic 2-hour free Google video, but a call to DO something:

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Learning from the current economic crisis

Lesson one: Capitalism's main failure is that of distributing all the wealth (goods and services) it can and wants to create. This means that there is no problem of production. The failure lies in distribution and, i. e. the market's inability to recognise "demand" that is not backed by money, or other forms of purchasing power.

A very nice Drupal community site A very nice community site! The site has almost everything I'm looking for, even a merchant listing with ratings. I'd like to have at least one menu on the top and that would really help the front page.
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