Wisconsin towns consider printing local currency

I don't understand why people are going to fight each other instead of showing some solidarity and fighting the big banks and corporations.

It's just perfect for the banks to have every little town print their own money and everybody has to continue to use the banks to do serious business.

Der Spiegel: Sarkozy's axis of evil: unionists, journalists, lawyers, students, scientists and immigrants.

I hadn't realized how bad things are in France until I read this Spiegel article about Zarkozy's power grab, human rights violations and police brutality.

'Omni-President' Sarkozy Fritters Away French Democracy


E-gold -- after 12 years, had to suspend new accounts until it complies with U.S. department of justice regulations

A New Beginning

November 2008 will mark the 12th anniversary of e-gold's debut as an alternative global payment system enabling Users - individuals or businesses - to receive payment in gold at extremely low cost and without risk of the sort of payment reversals that characterize all credit bas

Post links to audio / video interviews (Alex Jones and others who don't object)

Reference: JOB67
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Employer: Trado

HONEST and COMPETENT mortgage broker

Reference: JOB65
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Employer: Trado

Salvation Army had 1000 applicants for 200 bell ringer jobs at $7.50/hr -- who is to blame for the mortgage defaults?

I was listening to public radio Las Vegas on my way home from town and they were broadcasting a town hall meeting about the economy.

One of the speakers was from the Salvation Army and according to him, they normally have about 150 bell ringer jobs and barely have enough people.  This year they got over 1000 applications.

Trados and Credit

Trado will make credit reports, FICO scores and collections obsolete.

Unfortunately, many people are being harassed by collectors, face foreclosure or struggle to keep up with their credit card debt. So I decided to start a new forum with credit scams to avoid, how to deal with collection calls, foreclosure, etc. 

Parecon influence

Here I am just voicing an idea I have been toying with.

Background - I am influenced by parecon, and believe industry should be responsible for providing for the people's actual, democratically expressed needs and desires, rather than just producing whatever it can and convincing us that we want it.

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