Filed the Trado trademark - YES, it's legal to create a new currency

It was very funny.  The lady at the county recorder's office asked what kind of business Trado is.  I told her it was a new currency.  She thought it was a currency exchange.  So I explained, no, it's a new currency called Trado.

"That's illegal!" 

She really thought dollars are the ONLY legal currency in the US.

Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

Trado was inspired by Richard C. Cook's proposals for monetary reform including payments to all residents similar to the Alaska dividend.  From Richard's article: 

The HORRIBLE new self hosted WordPress 2.7 -- enhancements turned deadly

I have been raving about the WordPress ease of use and wonderful design since I started using it earlier this year.

A screenshot of the WordPress PERFECT layout (2.6)

Yesterday I installed the new 2.7 release and I'm HORRIFIED. 

The menus in 2.6 were GENIUS.  I could SEE everything and it was only one click away. 

The Trado TEMPORARY logo: 1988 Bicentenary "Polymer" commemorative Ten Dollar banknote

I searched the web today for "money pics" and l looked through about 30 pages with links to pages with pictures -- I've seen enough money for one day!

Tonight: full moon closest to earth, Geminid meteor shower

The Times - December 12, 2008

Look up tonight for a spectacular treat in the sky

Biggest full moon for years enhanced by shooting stars

A new theme and banking update

I switched to the new Acquia Marina theme tonight and really like it.  But, as always, there are a few bugs to fix, such as the forums displaying below the sidebars.  I hope there's an easy fix and if so, I'll change the colors.

Thomas H. Greco: Toward a New Economic Order

An interesting article on the economy, the CFR, global currencies, LETS systems and proposed solutions.

I just wish more people would DO instead of WRITE.  Why don't people DO what they write about?

Toward a New Economic Order

Illinois workers prevail after 5-day factory occupation: BofA provides credit to pay fired workers.

It's rare to see SOLIDARITY in America. While the workers had nothing to lose by occupying the factory, I've also received emails organizing protests at BofA in San Francisco which I'm sure has something to do BofA's decision to provide the credit line.

SCAM: FDRS - Federal Debt Relief System -- the California AG is investigating

I PERSONALLY researched FDRS.   I emailed FDRS and I spoke with Dan Lyle to confirm that it is a total FRAUD.

Owner Mark Cella, Dan Lyle and Veronica (top sales person) ought to serve a few years in prison.

What are the Trado objectives?

It's NOT just about MONEY and BUSINESS.

We'll be posting more details, but for now, please have a look at Objectives.

Yes, Trado is about creating jobs and opportunities, but it's also about staying alive.

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