Housing market continues to collapse -- record sales AND price declines -- proposed SOLUTIONS

It is treason that the politicians and regulators let it get to this point, throwing literally TRILLIONS of dollars at bankers and (foreign) investors and doing nothing to stabilize the real estate market.

Coming soon: Trado organic coffee, tea and spices

A couple months ago, before I started Trado, I was searching the web for co-ops and buying clubs, trying to find a national organization to join or to learn how to start one.  During my search I found Frontier and as I was also running low on cayenne and curry and I've been looking for teas and herbs, I spent a lot of time at their site.

Happy New Year! Winter solstice 2008 sunset

Happy New Year!  Winter solstice 2008 sunset

I'm so glad the days are getting longer.

Video: Winter solstice sunrise at Newgrange National Monument in Ireland

Very cool.

I had never even heard of Newgrange National Monument before and there are 230 similar burial structures in Ireland.  Newgrange is the largest and best preserved and it was designed for the sunrise on winter solstice to illuminate the interior.

The Alex Jones "Solar Backup Generator" ripoff!

I'm sick and tired of hearing Alex Jones advertise OVERPRICED CRAP.

So I decided to show you how to get a real off grid system with over 3.5 times MORE battery capacity and TWICE the solar watts for 33% LESS than the Alex Jones scam.

12/2008: Snow in the desert

12/2008: Snow in the desert

I've never seen that much snow here and usually it melts within hours. I took the picture yesterday and now we're on day TWO after a snowstorm with still about 5 inches of snow on the ground. The solar panels were all clear this afternoon, don't like running the generator.

We had over a foot of snow yesterday morning, but since it was a warm sunny day, the snow melts pretty fast.

770 credit score required for auto loans? Mortgage rates at 37-year low

Monday I heard an interview on NPR with a guy who claimed that new guidelines for auto loans require 770 credit scores. I don't think there will be many people with 770+ scores who WANT to finance another crappy new car.

Get verified by 12/31/08 and receive a 200 Trado BONUS!

Since everything looked good after testing the Trado banking site at TradoBank.org, I set up accounts today and I screwed up.

Crom currency - Croatians with a clue

I'll be reading up on the Crom Time Bank as soon as I have more time.  Mostly English pages so far and when you see the link to The Money Masters, you know they're on the right track.

I found Aljosa Duric's posts at the Cyclos forum and I'm glad I looked up his website.

CitiFinancial CONTINUES to deceive and defraud

I posted about the CitiFinancial latest scam at

Lying bankers: Citifinancial $5,000 Funding Certificate

Today Michelle posted how her 69 year-old mother is facing foreclosure by Citi.

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