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I'm making progress with the new TradoStore, but I'm still a few days from the grand opening.

I already received my first Frontier shipment on Friday, spices and teas for personal use in bulk and a variety of containers.  Tonight I tried the hibiscus tea -- I haven't had hibiscus tea in over 30 years and it's just as good as I remembered. 

Refinancing student loans with LOWER interest rates?

Since I have several clients with LARGE student loans and rates around 10%, I thought I'd do some research and post how to go about consolidating/refinancing.

Several hours later, I had found interesting links on rehab and consolidtion and to SCAMS and NEW student loans, but nothing on REFIS with LOWER INTEREST RATES.

FDRS (Federal Debt Relief System) scammers whine because I don't approve their comments (ads)

For weeks FDRS has been submitting comments at my sites advertising their scam. I've ignored them until today, when they COMPLAINED about not finding their comments at my sites.

Creditors Interchange: FUNNY recording of collection call (language)

Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, Corp. has NUMEROUS offices and call centers:

Attached below is the voice mail I received today from Dave Gurney [sp?] with Creditors Interchange at 866-816-3174 ext 3285.

NY Times WaMu article - FAILS to address the role of the regulators, CRAs and FICO scores

An excellent article by the NY Times on the WaMu lending practices.  It does however leave me wondering why the NY Times fails to mention that the California and federal regulators CONSPIRED with banks like WaMu to deliberately create the greatest depression.

Ebay frustration: claims I'm using wrong zip code and won't let me log in my biz account

Since I just bought a coffee maker on Ebay and will be offering organic coffee, tea and spices for sale, I decided to list a few items on Ebay to advertise Trado.   I have to research the fees and services anyway.

I was hoping that it would be a lot less work to set up selling on Ebay than to set up your own shopping cart and Trado Members might want to get started on Ebay.

Are there any fees for Trado accounts?

Absolutely NO fees for Trado transactions.

It makes no sense to charge fees as Trado CREATES the Trados just like the banks CREATE the Dollars.

We're in a huge mess because the banks CREATE the money and then often charge over 20% interest and gazillions in garbage fees.

How to open a Trado Merchant account?

Please SIGN UP for a PERSONAL Trado account first.

At the forum is detailed information about Merchant account BENEFITS.

How to become a Trado Member?

Please sign up at

The banking software is a completely separate and SECURE system.

Required information for an UNVERIFIED account:

Valid email address, name and country.

Video: mercury, fluoride, autism

It's one thing to dumb yourself down, but don't do it to your kids!

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