Kucinich calls for the Treasury to take over the Federal Reserve!

It's about time Kucinich joined Ron Paul in his call to nationalize the Federal Reserve:

My motion for protective order, Equifax again scheduled my deposition in Phoenix and ignored my emails

I was hoping I didn't have to post about my credit litigation here, but with CreditSuit.org still down, I don't really have another place.

Back in October, the defendants (all 3 CRAs and NCO) jointly scheduled my depo in Phoenix.  It seemed to be part of a ploy to get a discovery extension, which they got.

Red Diamond TOXIC tea -- another consumer sued after publishing her negative experiences

I've been waiting for court filings to get posted and hoped the author would post here, but I suppose it's up to me to post and get served with another restraining order. 

NOTICE:  The next Peeping Tom / process server to trespass on my private property is likely to get hurt, as I decided to arm and defend myself.

AUDIO: Richard C. Cook on the Cindy Sheehan show: forgive debt and give everybody their "dividend"

I'm a week behind, this is the 1/4/09 FIRST Cindy Sheehan "soapbox" radio show with Richard C. Cook explaining the Cook Plan and the bailout for the PEOPLE.  Since I've previously posted about it, I won't repeat myself and Richard explains it VERY well in the interview:

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British credit card interest rates approach 50%

A few years ago I posted about British ADVERTISED credit card rates over 20% and I thought that was ridiculous. Apparently the Brits are even dumber than the Americans. 

However, I just read about British bankruptcy filings and the article claimed that many thousands are forced into bankruptcy and have to SELL their homes because they can't pay taxes. 

FNMA screws delinquent home owners AGAIN through hardship modifications

I've been around the block a couple times, so I didn't actually have to read the FNMA news release about hardship modifications to know that it will PRIMARILY benefit Fannie Mae.

But when I ran across the December 18, 2008 FNMA news release, I decided to read it and it was exactly what I expected:

How to become a VERIFIED Trado member and receive the T200 Bonus

How to become a VERIFIED member

You have several options to verify your identity:

  • Send a dollar from your verified PayPal account (will be refunded)


  • email or fax your picture ID to 571-222-1000


Audio: Grow food without fertilizers in Terra Preta soil

The incredible properties of Terra Preta have been known for a long time -- the soil remains fertile year after year.   Yesterday I first heard about it in the Coast Ian Punnet interview with Joel Barker.  

The FERTILIZER companies (like Chevron) would suffer tremendously if nobody bought their chemicals anymore.  That's probably why this MIRACLE soil is NOT marketed.

Thomas Jefferson knew that the people would care only about making money instead of caring for their rights

"The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may commence persecutor, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest and ourselves united.
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