David Hazen's 3-wheel battery-powered electric vehicle

Very cool!

XP Vehicle: electric inflatable polymer car for real?

As I watched some videos on FREE energy including vids to expose hoaxes, I ran across the XP-Car video and I wasn't sure whether it was another joke or what.

I went to their website and the FAQ is hilarious:

Mortgage Victims Assistance: "Serious about cashing in on the Mortgage Modification Market?"

Lately I've seen many articles about mortgage modification scams.   Since my spam is filtered before I ever get to see it, I thought the mail below was "real", especially since it looks like a response to an email. 

To my surprise, it encourages me to CASH IN on the mortgage modification market:

Parts of Europe in depression and California prepares to stop payments and to print IOUs

What do Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have in common?

They're all in deep doodoo.  And this is probably not a complete list of European countries with tremendous economic and monetary problems.

Audio: Jason Bermas interview of Peter Dale Scott on the bailout, the Obama administration and much more

Born in 1929, Peter Dale Scott is an accomplished diplomat, poet, writer, professor, researcher and activist since the 60s. 

Scott discusses the preparation for martial law under Reagan and Clinton, the bailout, the economy, the wars, his assessment of the Obama administration and much more.  You'd never guess his age listening to this interview.

Dutch enjoy the frozen canals - time to return to REAL environmentalism

It was a lot of fun skating on a canal to visit my friend in a village a few miles away when I was a kid.  My dog loved to pull me most of the way. 
I hope that the freezing temps finally bring some co

What's your number?

I'm not convinced that astrology, numerology etc. work, but I was listening to Glynis McCants on Coast as I was once again working on the Trado store.  

Video: Drugs, suicide and murder

I'm sure happy pills also PREVENT many murders and suicides, but I'd rather be surrounded by people NOT stoned on prescription drugs.

How do I get more Trados than the 210 Trados I receive as verified member? [updated 1/30/09]

1) Verified members get a T500 credit line and unverified members get a T200 credit line.

This Trado credit line requires NO payments, there is NO interest and you just have less credit available as you use your credit line.

2) Verified members also receive periodic credits.

Tonight on Coast: Fluoride Action Network - leading dentist against Fluoride

Tonight at 11 PM Pacific Time on Coast to Coast:

Director of the Fluoride Action Network, Paul Connett and leading dentist in the fight against fluoride, Dr. Bill Osmunson will discuss the dangers and risks of the use of fluoride in our toothpaste and drinking water.

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