Zeitgeist and Venus Project exposed - elitists rule, no democracy, worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

I somehow got back to looking at the Zeitgeist Movement forum and was shocked to see so many incredibly desperate followers willing to give up ALL rights to be ruled by "computers" making decisions based on the "carrying capacity of the earth."

3 more banks closed Friday -- financial crisis deepens

They're pumping OUR money into the banks "too big to fail" and the smaller banks are given to the larger banks. 

I haven't bothered to post the daily bad news about unemployement, stocks and economic data, it's rather pointless.  I'm making bio char today and planting some seeds.

Don't worry, be happy!

Don't worry, be happy!

FEMA no-show in Kentucky after ice storm

As always,  FEMA (Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency) failed to assist. 

The national guard has no chain saws to clear roads (why can't they get saws at the local Walmart or Home Depot?), FEMA does nothing but ship a few generators to hospitals ...  I suppose they're busy building camps.

Woman froze to death in Montana cabin -- it takes more than good intentions to survive

As more and more people are getting worried about a depression and violence in the cities, they're heading for the rural areas, dreaming about the "simple" life.    I met sucker buyers in my area who bought land at auctions and couldn't even find their probably rather worthless wash lots. 

Summary of the FDRS, Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (Igor Mikhalev) and John Gliha SCAM

Debt Crisis Solutions aka Top Score Enterprises (owner Igor Mikhalev) replaced the FDRS (Federal Debt Relief System) advertising on the GCN Network (Ted Anderson, Alex Jones).

The BRAIN behind this scam: John Gliha.

They already threatened with a defamation lawsuit.

PRIVATE internet searches: IX Quick - searches the other search engines for you, great results

I just heard on Coast that IX Quick is the only search engine not storing any data from your searches.  I'm SICK of Google knowing everything about me, their censorship and all that BS.

H.R.645: Department of Homeland Security to establish FEMA camps

When I recently looked for more info on the Wackenhut empty prison buses cruising Tucson and the desert, I saw many people ridiculing the claims that FEMA camps exist.

The timing is bizarre, but just a day before Ellen Brown posted her article, related legislation was introduced in the House:

Mistrial declared after suspect smeared feces on attorney - the credit bureau lawyers should be thrown in cesspool

According to the article, the suspect was not allowed to represent himself and now he'll get a new attorney and maybe he will be allowed to proceed pro se. 

Most amazing are the COMMENTS submitted by readers, there's little sympathy for the lawyer.  Apparently I'm not the only person to get screwed by lawyers and judges.

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