CitiFinancial CONTINUES to deceive and defraud

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I posted about the CitiFinancial latest scam at

Lying bankers: Citifinancial $5,000 Funding Certificate

Today Michelle posted how her 69 year-old mother is facing foreclosure by Citi.

My mother fell prey to this with scam and she is 69 years old and widowed. As soon as she got the $5k at 30% interest, not even a month later she received an invite for “customer appreciation” to come get more money.. and she did. After about six months of paying with such a high interest rate they suggested a 2nd mortgage at 14.8%. She became ill with shingles and was out of work for 2 months and not able to make the payment. They will not work with her and are going to start foreclosure. They should be sued for their irresponsibility, she has lived in her home for 34 years. I don’t know how they sleep at night. It is like robbing from the poor!!!

The people who run the big banks are criminals by ANY definition.

If the death penalty is ever justified, it's for those cold blooded thugs running the "free" world.