Community Exchange System

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This is an ONLINE system based in South Africa that other trading groups can join.  Unfortunately, you have to limit yourself to LOCAL and you cannot globally unite to provide a viable alternative to the banking system -- you can't compete with the bankers.

There are several AMERICAN exchanges in the system:

While it LOOKS very different, the data seems very "Cyclos", the software we're using.  They probably did extensive customizing.

One of the things I noticed is that especially in South Africa and in Europe people are crazy about using their cell phone and I just can't figure out why.  Haven't they heard that you'll get brain tumors and reproductive problems?

Another common oddity:

They seem to be CLOSED systems, members only, exclusive ... 

The strangest thing:

An obsession with fees.  I'll never be able to figure that one out.  WHY would you charge any fees when YOU are the BANK?

That's unless you want to operate like a bank instead of a community and make money off the members.

Warren Raftshol
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ces fees

Community Exchange System allows manager to charge a fee per transaction.

At my site, Leelex, the fee is 1% of a transaction, which is reasonable compensation for posting the trades.

I haven't been able to interest my friends in trading for 'doorknobs' the exchange unit.  I haven't advertised the site anywhere and I am currently more interested in bringing Bay Bucks back to life in Traverse City.

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Why charge fees?

Initially I also planned to charge MERCHANTS Trado fees.  And then it dawned on me that it makes NO sense to charge any Trado fees when the system can CREATE as much money as it needs.

Think Alaska or Saudi Arabia.

I noticed an obscession with fees in electronic complementary currency systems.  In Cyclos, the system I'm using, the developers wasted an ENORMOUS amount of time on creating fees that would make ANY bank CEO proud and I could even assign BROKERS to skim off each transactions.

WORSE than the banks!

I can just go to Chase or Ebay if I want to get fleeced.