The HORRIBLE new self hosted WordPress 2.7 -- enhancements turned deadly

I have been raving about the WordPress ease of use and wonderful design since I started using it earlier this year.

A screenshot of the WordPress PERFECT layout (2.6)

Yesterday I installed the new 2.7 release and I'm HORRIFIED. 

The menus in 2.6 were GENIUS.  I could SEE everything and it was only one click away. 

Yesterday my hand hurt from all the scrolling and clicking while setting up

I was unable to get WP to run in web root while installed in a sub dir.  I've NEVER had a problem with that before.  Finally used .htaccess to redirect to the WP dir.

How many clicks and road trips across the entire screen to get to a settings menu item?

Settings are on the LEFT side BELOW my screen.  I scroll DOWN to get to settings and click on it to get to the submenu.

The page RELOADS and I AGAIN have to scroll down.  Of course that requires moving the curser from the LOWER LEFT to the UPPER RIGHT. 

I SCROLL down.

Once I have the settings on the screen, I have to move the curser from the far RIGHT to the far LEFT.

WP is now a candidate for the DARWIN award.

I wanted to start a new page, and the boxes on the right side COVERED my text box.  I couldn't see what I was writing.   I finally realized that I could DRAG those stupid boxes, but they wouldn't stay anywhere else.  Eventually, I COLLAPSED the publish and attribute boxes and now they're ABOVE my text box.  But I can't save anymore.

I expanded the PUBLISH box again and this time the text box resized so I could see what I was typing again

I haven't been able to find the auto-save settings, maybe it saves every minute automatically, I don't know.

The LISTS are BUNCHED TOGETHER.  Won't add a line with SHIFT ENTER in wysiwyg and ignores <br /> in the HTML screen.  ACK!  I understand that I can mess with the CSS, but I SHOULD be able to just add a line.

Next, is scared the crap out of me.  It started ORDERING ME AROUND!  I'm not insane. The damn thing told me to start typing in the text box with a computer female voice.

Not funny. 

The flash uploader still doesn't work.  I wouldn't care if I could set the DEFAULT to browser uploader.  

The only POSITIVE change is that the "WRITING" setup now saves.

I can not imagine that any users REQUESTED this madness.  I can see that they're using MUCH larger monitors and completely lack any emphasy for people who aren't wealthy or older people like me (I'm 50 and I've just done too much typing in my life) who find it very painful to have to click and scroll all the time.

I wish I could downgrade to 2.6.