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I had an infomercial posted at my CreditFactors site today.  That's how these scammers market, posting at credit sites with the links to their sites.

I had a quick look at the advertised scam at and "Credit Score Restore" is nothing but incompetent morons causing PERMANENT damages to FICO scores and they are very likely to get their clients sued.

Additionally, they PREVENT people with LEGITIMATE claims from prevailing in court due to the submissions of entirely frivolous disputes.

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Got this very odd voicemail today, further evidencing that this outfit is NOT reputable: (download the file to listen to the recording)

I am certain that they never ever "repaired" any credit score. 

You have to be dimwitted to be in the credit business and to claim anything as stupid as to "repair" credit scores.

I have tried to get the credit scoring formula repaired, see for an example of my research and documentation of FICO scoring software bugs. 

Unfortunately, morons like the president of this outfit never sent me any donations and did NOTHING whatsoever to repair the FICO scoring software.  So my efforts (thousands of hours) FAILED because I had NO support from the credit repair industry and I'm not wealthy and influential.

When some credit repair outfit tells you that they're NOT a scam because they comply with the Credit Repair Act, it means that they are licensed to defraud you just like the banks are licensed to CREATE the money the lend to you at outrageous interest rates.

Typical examples of SCUM operating under the Credit Repair Act are at Lexington and Bradley Ross Law credit repair fraud EXPOSED! 

You can download their "proprietary" idiotic disputes and you may use them yourself.  There's no need to pay ANY of these thugs to make you look like a stupid idiot and to permanently ruin your credit.  You can do that for free yourself.

ALL credit repair outfits are proud to be part of this CORRUPT system DESIGNED to move your hard earned dollars to the bankers.

NEVER ONCE have I been contacted by a competent credit professional.

I even put up a blog for credit professionals in hopes of finding just one sincere and qualified professional to join forces and maybe be able to refer my readers to.   Only consumers and spammers/scammers and morons like the author of the repairmycreditscore infomercial posted and I gave up on spending many hours to prepare screenshots of myFICO reports and to explain how to analyze reports.  Maybe I'll answer consumer questions occasionally.

I'd be rich if I signed up for the the credit repair scammers' affilate programs. 

NO work, TONS of money. 

But I have integrity and a conscience and I'd rather be poor than be part of the scams.

Back to

I did NOT make a mistake with the identification of this outfit. 

There is of course the possibility that the infomercial/spam was submitted to my site without their knowledge.  In that case, they should file a lawsuit against John Doe and get a SUBPOENA to me for the IP number.  One of the claims could be tortuous interference with their business.

I normally charge a $100 subpoena processing fee, which can of course be assessed to the defendant in the legal proceeding.  However, in this case, I'll make an exception and I'll provide the information FREE of a charge after they get me the subpoena.

Or you can sue me for publishing the TRUTH like doctor Tameira Hollander, see

For good measure, I checked the domain registratration and it's PROOF that they're spammers and/or scammers:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 23-Sep-07
Expires on: 23-Sep-12
Last Updated on: 23-Sep-07

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Domain servers in listed order:

NO reputable business would EVER hide their identity behind a private registration.

Only spammers, scammers and criminals need to hide their identity.  What morons ....

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Christine,I believed that


I believed that you were a reputable, intelligent person for many years with all the time and research you've put in on the internet for consumers to educate themselves upon credit laws, FICO formulas and such. Which by the way I do commend you on your dedication. We both are similar in ways where we have dedicated time and money for research on how to improve credit scores in general and understand that the credit bureaus do make many mistakes. I have followed creditfactors for quite sometime and now find these ridiculous posts by you, Christine which I ask you to retract.

You have repeatedly called our company scammers and spammers. Sorry to bring you up to speed but registering your domain name as private protects you from solicitors.  An individual can register their domain name if they wish to keep their personal information private from SPAMMERS, solicitors, and/or telemarkerters which in the past I did receive. That is a service that provides. And I quote, "Did you know that when you register a domain, your name, address, email address and phone number are immediately made available to anyone who wants to see them? That’s right. Your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day, everyday, to anyone, anywhere." You have the power to change this. With a private ("unlisted") registration through Domains By Proxy® (our affiliate company), registering a domain name doesn't mean sacrificing your privacy." [Comment by Christine: As the owner of REPUTABLE websites, I have no problem whatsoever to make my COMPANY information available to ANYONE.  CLUE:  BUSINESSES have NO right to privacy. That's the difference between a business and private person.  That's why you SHOULD have filed the appropriate paperwork with your county/state on the PUBLIC RECORD.  I ought to look into that.]

Second how could you call a company SCAMMERS if do not know us or never have done business with us. These comments are slanderous and untrue. Just from what you read in our site you have an "opinion" when you and I have never even spoke. That is ridiculous. Secondly, I call you personally so that you can correct your post about my business and you publish my voicemail for download? Sounds like childish games. And you are looking for attention. [Comment from Christine:  I HATE incompetent credit repair people with a passion.  I did NOT seek you out.  There are HUNDREDS and maybe even THOUSANDS of outfits like yours.  I get the "Start your credit repair business" SPAM all the time. I KNOW the industry.  Just communicating online with you makes me want to take a shower when I'm finished with a post.  That's how repulsive you are.  It's almost like sitting in a room with lawyers or realtors or mortgage brokers. YUK!!!  I want NOTHING to do with you.  YOU posted at MY site.  YOU called ME.  And as a consumer advocate, I advise my readers to STAY AWAY from ANONYMOUS SCUM and to NEVER EVER give their personal information and especially their credit reports to people HIDING their identity!  WHO WOULD BE SO STUPID?  YOUR CLIENTS!!!]

Next you, write in the above paragraphs, "Unfortunately, morons like the president of this outfit never sent me any donations and did NOTHING whatsoever to repair the FICO scoring software. So my efforts (thousands of hours) FAILED because I had NO support from the credit repair industry and I'm not wealthy and influential." Donations are given voluntarily and you don't need to ask for one, otherwise it sounds like you are begging not to mention that within the sequence of the content this can be interepreted as extortion. [Comment by Christine:  Yes, donations are given voluntarily and you gave NOTHING.  I mentioned donations because if you had donated in the PAST to SUPPORT my grueling and extremely expensive litigation, documentaries and submissions to regulators and legislators, the donation would have shown some goodwill.  Some people are so busy making money, they rather pay consumer activists.  Of course that wasn't you.  Please put your stinking money where the sun don't shine.  CLUE: I REJECTED a $10,000 payment for deletion of "libelous" publications from my website.  Not everybody is as corrupt as YOU.]

By the way, You should proof read what you write before you post it and I quote, "You can download their "proprietary" idiotic disputes and you may use them yourself. There's no need to pay ANY of these thugs to make you look like a stupid idiot and to permanently ruin your credit. You can do that for free yourself." I don't think people would want to make themselves look like stupid idiots for free. That sounds pretty idiotic to me. [Comment by Christine:  Not nearly as idiotic as PAYING people like you to ruin the credit permanently.]

With all that you know about credit and laws I am surprised that you don't even know that one way that the bureaus report inaccurate tradelines and/or affect an individuals credit scores is by reporting or not reporting all the information accurately within its data fields. [Comment by Christine:  In fact, I have DOCUMENTED THE OPPOSITE and it is now common knowledge that MOST reported data is completely ignored by FICO scores.  I explained that in GREAT detail and I even posted the SCREEN SHOTS at the CreditFactors blog for credit repair beginners like you.  Obviously, I was wasting my time.]  As per my original post on the credit factors site, it's simple logic if an item on an individuals credit is reporting a balance N/A and that specific individual asks for it to be corrected to $ 0 because the balance is actually zero it can increase an individuals score just by that simple correction.  Reporting N/A means there is no information avaliable and reporting $ 0 is an actual value. This is a fact that my company and other legitimate other credit repair companies have proven.  [Comment by Christine: This is complete BS, as evidenced by the LACK of documentation and the ABSENCE of the identification of the SCORE FACTOR that you claim is negatively impacted.  DUH!!!  With my 13 years of FICO scoring EXPERIENCE I have never seen any evidence whatsoever that it makes any difference whether an account is reported with a $0 balance or N/A.  Logically, there is NO difference.  And, if you dispute something so IRRELEVANT just to be able to charge your poor client a few more bucks, you can also SERIOUSLY lower the credit scores when the creditor decides to add new derogatory data or the credit bureau DELETES the account.  But, this "expert" wouldn't know that.  Here's the DOCUMENTED PROOF:  BEFORE the deletion of the paid charge-off, the FICO score was 664  Read over 14,300 times, but apparently not by this "credit repair genius"] A consumer can request a credit bureau and or data furnisher to report their tradelines accurately in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Thus, "credit-repair."

You own the site, creditfactors, so if you really felt that I was violating your site you could have simply removed my post not just the link to my site and then seem to want to try get publicity by ranting, flaming, and trying to demean a company's image. I simply agreed with you on your original thread which you were right on your post with Experian and provided you with some input.

I will clearly state for the record that I was not advertising on your site nor did I need to. [Comment by Christine: My sincerest apologies.  I thought your were spamming.  Didn't realize that you just don't have anything useful to contribute about the posted credit issues.  Please don't post at CreditFactors again, I do NOT consider your "input" constructive or in any way useful.]

I am not Lexington law or that young guy putting himself on everyone's site giving advice and then referring to or Lexington Law. You and I both know the services that they provide.

I would also like to mention to you we never publish "frivolous"/false disputes for our clients. We are one of the few organizations that provide a service to help our clients to help them "repair their credit scores" by helping them remove errorneous items from their credit reports. Which in turn if they have a positive credit history it potentially helps them improve their scores. To date, I have never had clients that have ever been sued or given a judgement.  [Comment by Christine: They can't find you! And I don't know how many people HAVE judgments against your company because I don't know its legal name(s).]

Furthermore, we stand by what we do by backing our services with a money back guarantee. If we were truly scamming individuals why would we offer that within our contract?  [Comment by Christine:  I couldn't find your contract online and unfortunately, most people never realize how badly they got screwed by credit repair outfits unless they do significant reading at MY sites and they eventually know more than you about FICO scores.  And then they don't know how to sue and they can't afford a lawyer.  But you wouldn't know about  that.]

I disclosed to you that we comply and recognize the CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS ACT not the CREDIT REPAIR ACT like you mentioned which does not exist.  Most credit repair companies out there don't even know what that is. Which I will might mention that if we did not know what we were doing we would not even know about the Credit Repair Organizations Act. I personally would fear a company which does not disclose what federal law requires credit repair companies to comply with. [Comment by Christine:  I'm NOT a credit repair scammer, so I don't comply with any Act.   In fact, if you had been reading as much at my sites as you claim, you'd know that I have filed a complaint against myself with the FTC for failure to comply with the Act, hoping I could FORCE them to communicate with me.  Unfortunately, and as ALWAYS, the FTC ignored me.  You probably also missed my lawsuit against the FTC.  DUH! However, YOU claim compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, yet you don't even disclose your company name and address.  You LIE to prospective clients at your siteYou do NOT disclose your fees, etc. etc. etc.]

Please correct your posts and/or delete this thread completely for you totally flaming us with no truth behind your comments, and this libel is construed as totally ridiculous.

Thank you.

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I've been EXTREMELY generous

I've been EXTREMELY generous and PUBLISHED your ENTIRE UNEDITED voicemail AND I allowed you to post your long incomprehensible rant here. 

May I post on YOUR website now?

You FAILED to identify ANYTHING you've EVER done to change credit reporting.

You confirmed everything I wrote. 

  • You NEVER made a donation
  • You NEVER documented a FICO scoring bug.
  • You NEVER documented systemic credit reporting problems.
  • You NEVER litigated credit reporting issues.
  • You NEVER published any complaints with regulators.
  • You NEVER did ANYTHING to change credit reporting. 

My assessment of you was obviously ENTIRELY correct.

The PROOF is in the pudding.

I DESPISE people like you.

You are totally clueless and your knowledge of credit is limited to parroting BS spewed by clueless idiots. 

Did you start your credit repair business after receiving "get rich while you sleep" SPAM?

NOBODY should EVER do business with anyone who does not disclose their address and TRUE business name as well as the owner's or officers' names and all fees PUBLICLY on the website.

As an extremely experienced litigant, I know the reason for HIDING:

It's so you won't get sued and can't be served!

Please fax your "libel" issues ON YOUR COMPANY STATIONARY and identify the exact quotes and I'll take as much time as it takes to DOCUMENT my claims and to put together a comprehensive and widely publicized review of your site for the FTC.

I just downloaded your site.   

From your FAQ:

The credit bureaus will be less inclined to view a credit challenge from a recognized credit restoration company as frivolous or unfounded.

In fact, the OPPOSITE is true.  

You publish such OUTRAGEOUS LIES to deceive prospective clients! PURE SCUM.

Your nose should be a mile long and your pants should be on fire so at least you won't pollute the gene pool.

Would you like to discuss this with the FTC?  

Motivate me.

Readers might be wondering why I'm so upset over your comment and one small-time credit repair outfit.  I'm upset because I checked out your AWFUL website and I immediately saw that you are completely incompetent.   It is especially disturbing that you are targeting Hispanics who don't speak English and who will obviously NOT sue you and will NOT file a complaints against you. 

So, please do NOT post here again unless I can post at YOUR site.  I could add a few things to your FAQ and news.

But to save us both a lot of time, I suggest you take your credit repair site down and start doing something you actually KNOW. 

I really would LOVE to have a public discussion of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, FDRS, Debt Crisis Solutions and YOU with the FTC.  I'm also really busy. 

It's entirely up to you where we take this.

Update:  The more I think about this, the more I'd like to file a COMPREHENSIVE compalint with the FTC about all these scammers. 

I got the Cal. AG to investigate FDRS and it's going so SLOW.  And FDRS is just ONE of MANY scammers. 

The FTC COULD make a difference, go to Congress and require CREDIT KNOWLEDGE (a test as for tax preparers) prior to allowing ANYONE to touch a consumer credit report.

Of course it would be even better if the FTC got FICO scoring prohibited and ensured that the CRAs comply with the FCRA. 

There should be NO need for any "credit repair."

It is possibly that the FTC is more receptive to complaints under the Obama administration.  Bush essentially stopped all FTC credit reporting action in its tracks.

It would be worth a try and if nothing else, make for another corruption documentary.

It's on my list of things to do.