The Trado TEMPORARY logo: 1988 Bicentenary "Polymer" commemorative Ten Dollar banknote

I searched the web today for "money pics" and l looked through about 30 pages with links to pages with pictures -- I've seen enough money for one day!

I finally decided on the AU $10 note for sale on Ebay with a minimum bid of
AU $288.85 (approximately US $195.81).   It's not nearly as dull as US dollars, I find it interesting.

Of course I'm hoping that "somebody" will design the Trado logo and maybe even the Trado currency. 

During my web search, I also found a site with a high school course about complementary currency:

Make Your Own Money - A WebQuest for 10th -12th Grade Economics and Art

Don't miss the page with links on currency design and marketing:

That Trado issues an alternative currency is NOT spectacular. Trado is however the only organization to invite all people to participate and Trado does NOT discriminate based on your location or any other criteria.  Our only requirement is that members don't defraud and scam.

Everybody is invited!