What are the Trado objectives?

It's NOT just about MONEY and BUSINESS.

We'll be posting more details, but for now, please have a look at Objectives.

Yes, Trado is about creating jobs and opportunities, but it's also about staying alive.

Our food and water supply is toxic, GM foods cause cancers and reproductive problems and everybody should have noticed the tremendous increase in autism, diabetes and prescription drug use.

There are so many social and political issues.

Human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech, privacy, the 2nd amendment and many liberties have been or will be eliminated.

The Trado MEMBERS decide which causes to support with the Trado community funds and they don't have to agree on everything.

Likeminded Members can form groups or forums and pool their Trado funds to support THEIR projects.  Projects could be local such as building a playground or community garden or they could be a national or international.

You're only limited by your imagination.

Imagination seems to be in short supply and we hope to inspire Members to turn off the TV and start DOING instead of watching.