12/8/08: Dealing with foreclosure

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At the blog: 3/6/08: Fair Isaac: The impact of foreclosure, deed in lieu and short sale on FICO scores

Some relevant blog posts:  The Subprime mortgage crisis SCAM

Info on the bailout, credit crisis, martial law: http://credit-crisis.info/

If you are delinquent on your mortgage and you’re dealing with banks:

  • RECORD all phone calls
  • Request and review the accounting
  • Review your credit reports
  • Make BUSINESS decisions

Some of my foreclosure documentaries and foreclosure forums:

1995: Transamerica admits $15,096.90 “Error”, but refuses to provide accounting statement

1997: The blog posting: FNMA - Nationsbanc - KeyCorp Conspiracy to Defraud Cindi out of her home

The FNMA fraud chronology

Why can’t Americans prepare their OWN chronologies and factual summaries?

1997: 3/3/97 - my letter to Home Savings after they refused my payment– I would not leave the Home Savings (now WaMu) branch when they refused to accept my mortgage payment until they called the police. I needed a reliable witness.

2002: Wells Fargo and the Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette’s home. — Wells Fargo and its attorneys at Buckley were fully aware of my publication. A WF employee told me that my publications are too insignificant for WF to care. And he was right.

I have no idea what happened to Lynette and her house after the modification. I had offered to review the modification because I was certain that WF would add illegal fees, but Lynette never provided the paperwork.

2003: MANY Wells Fargo foreclosure discussions are at CreditCourt

CreditCourt is closed to new postings, I got too disgusted with the American whiners.

2005: I thought I finally hit gold when I discovered RESPA and statutory damages for the banks’ routine failures to provide accounting upon request and for credit reporting violations.

I posted the RESPA laws and once again got suckered into endless Wells Fargo/American Servicing Company (ASC) discussions at the Fight Back forum

The end result:

Thousands of people READ the post, NOBODY posted a single lawsuit.

I finally closed the Fight Back forum.

I tried to help people in foreclosure many times and I was only wasting my time.

Yes, I helped a few people keep their homes, but my cost was MANY thousands of dollars in lost income, extreme frustration due to the homeowners’ financial illiteracy and the emotional distress when they became suicidal and there was NOTHING I could do because I had no money to give them, I couldn’t bring their mortgage current, I couldn’t retain a competent attorney, there was NOTHING I could do.

In most cases, I only delayed the inevitable foreclosure and the homeowners did NOT live happily ever after.

None of the people I helped with their foreclosure problems ever sent a donation for my efforts so that I could continue to help others.

I had never charged a penny.

One women even conned me into paying for her appeal (Over $1,000) a few years ago, never got one cent back. She had promised to post her lawsuit against Wells Fargo, but did nothing but send me a huge box with court filings. She expected me to spend literally hundreds of hours to scan, summarize the filings and post her case - while she was unemployed. Hard lessons learned …

4/2008: Now you know WHY I don’t care WHAT your sob story is, I will not be suckered into working free of charge for you unless YOU do something for the general public, such as publishing YOUR lawsuit or foreclosure issues first.

If I like what you’ve done and you appear to be an intelligent person, I’ll probably give you some free credit help and I also have some legal resources.

As more and more financially LITERATE homeowners end up walking away from their homes because they are over-mortgaged, I hope that some will finally take advantage of their legal rights.

Please contact me if you have a website or blog about your foreclosure.

12/8/08:  No takers. 

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