Post links to audio / video interviews (Alex Jones and others who don't object)

Reference: JOB67
Location: Internet
Employer: Trado
Contact: Christine Baker
There is so much good stuff on the radio/net, but I don't have time to listen to entire 4 hour radio shows. Recently I actually posted a .wav of the Alex Jones interview with Gerald Celente: It took a lot of time to crop the mp3, to upload the file and write the post ... I don't have the time to do that. And, it should go on youTUBE and maybe other sites, not on our server as a .wav., we just keep a copy in case of deletion. And often interviews are already online, so it only takes a link and writing the description. We need a forum with lots of alternative news links. Maybe post all new interviews in the main forum and after a week or so move to categorized subtopics. Must be able to write English and if spelling isn't your forte, know how to use a spell checker. Pay: Trados - T20/hr for the time it takes to create/upload files, post, forum maintenance, etc. Time required to listen to shows is NOT paid.