Doctor amputates with the help of text messaged instructions - and some thoughts on credit and business loans

Medicins Sans Frontieres doctor performs amputation following instructions sent by text

A doctor volunteering in war-torn Congo performed a complex amputation to save a boy’s life by following instructions sent by text message from a colleague in London.

David Nott, 52, a vascular surgeon, was working for a Medicins Sans Frontieres hospital in the eastern town of Rutshuru, an area ravaged by bloody battles between Congolese and rebel troops.

Among the hundreds of wounded soldiers and civilians brought into the hospital in October was a 16-year-old boy who had been caught in the midst of a gun fight between advancing combatants in a forest in the Nyanzale region.


This article reminded me how I was recently able to fix my clutch after getting email and fax instructions.

I'm hoping to get all kinds of expert advice here at Trado about food, medicinal herbs, construction, power and whatever else interests me.   There's so much to know.

Unfortunately, so many people don't even know HOW to follow instructions and they've never done anything complex requiring following instructions.   In a comment about the surgery article someone wrote:

not to be cynical but why didn't the physicians just converse over the telephone?

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This person isn't cynical, but downright stupid

People can't imagine that a professional reads the instructions several times and if anything is not clear, gets additional written clarification?

I wouldn't even want something as simple as a cookie recipe by phone.  Just email me the specs!  It takes less time and there will be a chance of edible cookies.

MOST people remember much more when they see something than when they hear it

Somebody can tell me their name 10 times and I'll probably still forget it very quickly, especially if it's not a common name.  If I see the name, I'm much more likely to remember it.  If I WRITE it down, I'll remember the name for a long time.  It works that way for most people.

I would be a millionaire if I offered credit phone consultations. 

But my clients would be very unhappy with the results.

People LOVE to talk on the phone almost as much as watching TV.  One time a client (an MD) insisted that we talk on the phone prior to his credit review.  We talked for two hours.  And he later agreed that it was a waste of time because he could not remember most of what I told him.  So then I had to put everything in WRITING for him.

Last night a friend called me about collections on his credit report. 

He wanted to PAY them.  I told him not to and how to dispute.   It's a one sentence dispute:

"I hereby dispute account # ... and request that you delete the account from all credit bureaus."

I told him how to dispute at least 3 times during the call, he kept asking what to write.  I wouldn't bet on him getting that dispute right.

Not to mention that there are many other issues he should consider since he wants to raise his credit scores.  

Of course I also told him that he shouldn't even bother to work on his credit, but he's one of those people who believe that Obama will change everything and if we just think positive, we'll soon have a roaring economy and banks will lend him money for his business if his credit scores are high enough.

He already made the HUGE mistake of opening a CD at Wells Fargo to re-establish credit

They opened a line of credit for him secured by the CD.  He will use the credit line to pay some major expenses.  And of course they'll charge much more interest on it than they pay on the CD.  We're talking about 5-digit figures.  

Here's the million dollar question:  What will WF do with the credit line when the CD matures and he pays it off?  What will his credit line be without security?

It is a little bizarre that he even does business with WF after having lots of problems, NSF fees. etc.  At least he could have picked another bank to get a fresh start. 

He SHOULD have used most of his money to pay the expenses and set maybe $1,000 aside to open several secured credit cards IF they don't approve him for small credit lines and the Target guest card without security.

I want Trado to make loans to members to start their own businesses.

But we don't want to finance people who make crazy decisions like handing Wells Fargo all that interest money -- money thrown out the window.   I'd like to see a business plan NOT requiring further loans to STAY in business.  Aren't you in business to MAKE money?

If you have the know-how, equipment and facility to run your business, why would you need additional loans?

I can see that some might want to expand and when you're selling products, you might have to establish credit with your suppliers.   You need to establish BUSINESS credit.   Many "institutional" creditors do require a personal credit report, but if you do business with a supplier for a couple years, they'll give you credit lines and increase those credit lines based on your relationship and payment history with them and other businesses.

If your business plan requires you to get loans after your business is up and running, it's NOT a good plan

Unfortunately, that seems to be the way most businesses operate.

I'm hoping that Trado will help members AVOID many costly mistakes and that people will look for advice BEFORE making irreversible mistakes.