Why start Trado instead of supporting another local currency?

As I've been posting at various forums and sites about complementary currencies, I'm frequently explaining why I decided to start Trado.

In 2008, I spent at least 100 hours searching the web for complementary currencies.

NONE of these other currencies invited me to join!

They treated me like a leper because I don't live in their elitist community.

I live in the WRONG part of town!

No other complementary currency invited me to accept their currency at my business.

It does NOT feel good to be discriminated against.

No hard feelings. I'd love to have everybody join Trado.

Apparently MOST complementary currencies are in Europe and South America.  I found very few American "local" currencies and they didn't seem to offer any online services. I don't know why not, but I suspect that it has to do with the "local" elitism.

I'm certainly open to integrating other currencies at Trado and I would love to hear from others at the forum:

The Trado and OTHER complementary currencies

If you are an honest person, YOU are INVITED -- and I don't care if you live on Mars.

Only scammers and fraudsters are NOT welcome at Trado.